The biggest online amateur tournament of Free Fire this year, the Brawler Bash, has finally ended. The winner of this tournament is The Mafia – their dominant performance has given them a whopping 76 points, 20 more than the second place, Team 8bit. GZ Army is third with 54 points. In the section above, we would give you our summary of the grand finals.

The 12 teams in Grand Finals of Brawler Bash

Thousands of teams have battled each other for quite a while to find out the top 12 best amateur teams for the grand final – a best-of-6 game.

In the first round, Mafia has dazzled everyone in the tournament with their absolutely amazing performance – they got 24 kills, which is 50% of the players on the map by themselves. The other big contenders, GZ and 8bit, have a rather slow start, with only 2 and 4 points to their name. They stepped up in the second game, however, with 8bit getting 10 points and GZ getting 16.

Final Standing of Brawler Bash

However, in the third and fourth rounds, Mafia absolutely destroyed the competition, with 14 and 26 points respectively. After this, they ended up dominating the point table until the end of the game.

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The Champion of Brawler Bash Tournament

While 8bit seems to have lost their momentum in game 3 and 4, they regained it in game 5 and surprise everyone with an amazing performance. The fifth and sixth games were theirs, with a massive 22 points and 18 points finish, respectively. This helped them in making a massive jump on the point table, securing the second spot at the end. GZ, on the other hand, is just chugging along with 10 points every game, from 3 to 6. Legendary Noobs, while having the same number of points, have to content themselves with the fourth spot because of their lower stats.

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