Free Fire’s anniversary update is coming closer and closer – and with it, two new characters. While Hayato Firebrand certainly does sound interesting, the guy already exists in-game. The real star of this update is Lucas/Luqueta, a brand new character.

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Luqueta is the Spanish version of Lucas

Like many Free Fire characters, Lucas is based on Lucas Silva Borges, a real-life Brazillian soccer player, popular due to his time at Real Madrid. Lucas has been leaked quite a while ago – it took him about 3 seasons to get added into the game. In this article, we would further elaborate on Lucas’ abilities and how he would fit into Free Fire.

1 – Ability

Lucas’ special ability is Hat Trick, which increases Max HP after every kill. Based on the responses after the leak (the ability was too strong back then), Garena has “rebalanced” this skill greatly.

  • Level 1: 5 HP/ Kill, Max 30
  • Level 2: 6 HP/ Kill, Max 30
  • Level 3: 7 HP/ Kill, Max 30
  • Level 4: 7 HP/ Kill, Max 35
  • Level 5: 8 HP/ Kill, Max 35
  • Level 6: 9 HP/ Kill, Max 35

Increasing Maximum HP is much more powerful than mere heal, especially when it is permanent. With a maximum HP pool of 235, Lucas would have a great edge in any 1vs1 fight. Furthermore, he would be much harder to snipe, as a lot of sniper rifles were designed to deal about 200 damage on a headshot – Lucas would be left with a few HP, enough to escape.

Luqueta Character 1024x441
Lucas in game

The drawback of this, however, is that Lucas has only 3 skill slots and not 4. It is best to use Lucas’s ability with other characters.

2 – Skill combination

Lucas’ ability is best used in combination with Antonio, Miguel, or Jota for even more HP gain. The higher HP pool would certainly be very advantageous in middle/close-range fights as well – Nikita’s SMG reload and Caroline’s Speed for Shotguns might come into play.

Last to be mentioned is probably Alok and Andrew – Alok’s ability is useful in every situation while Andrew’s “Reduce vest durability loss” would increase your effective HP by a ton (with Lucas having more HP than usual, the skill would be even more effective).

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