Maps are especially important in a Battle Royale game, and Free Fire is not an exception - it’s the main location on which every match would happen. Currently, there are three maps available in Free Fire: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari, each with a unique design and a different way to approach. With the reintroduction of Purgatory, players can now play ranked on all three maps. In this article, we would analyze Free Fire All Map and figure out which of them is the best designed.

free fire map name
Free Fire Map Name is based on real life locations

1 – Bermuda

Bermuda is the first available map in Free Fire and because of that, it is the most popular one. As Free Fire has only 50 players per match, it is estimated that Bermuda is about half the size of PUBG Mobile’s infamous Erangel map, at 4x4 kilometers. Free Fire’s Bermuda was designed after various locations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, with the name Bermuda itself taken from a region in Central America. Unlike Purgatory, Bermuda is just a normal island and not a tourist place, with various residential buildings scattered all over. The flora and weather are tropical and filled with vibrant colors.

Free Fire All Map
Free Fire All Map: Bermuda and Bermuda 2.0 comparison

Design-wise, Bermuda is pretty much the classic example of the usual battle royale formula – the locations in the middle of the map like Bimasakti Strip, Pochinok, Peak or Clock Tower are super popular with all players, while far-flung locations on the edge of the map are much less popular, with the exception of Mill, Katulistiwa and Mars Electric, which are the “high tier loot spots” that attract players with their loot quality.

Free Fire All Map
Free Fire Map Change: Rim Nam village is going to be removed

Overall, this is the best map for players who haven’t played any Battle Royale games before – all strategies are viable and every landing location is possible on this map. It encourages players to drop at the edge of the map, weirdly enough, as there is no town in the middle of Bermuda.

2 – Purgatory

Purgatory, the second map of Free Fire, was previously added into the game as an “elite map”, that only players at level 5 or more can access. Because of that, it was pretty unpopular comparing to Bermuda and was removed when Kalahari was added onto the game. After a major backlash from gamers, Garena has decided to reverse their decision – added the map back to Free Fire unranked and then ranked mode.

free fire map image
Free Fire Map image: Map of Purgatory

Purgatory is also based on the usual tropical regions, however, it is somewhat different from Bermuda. The island was based on tourism locations, with a Villa, Golf Course, Ski Lodge and Campsite available. On the residential side, there is a Quarry, Marbleworks, Lumber Mill, and Field on Purgatory – overall, this island was just a normal location relied on the resource gathering industry but changed into the tourism industry later on.

Free Fire Map loot
Free Fire Map loot: this is the location with the best loot on the map

The main characteristic of Purgatory is its large rivers that separate the map into three sections, connected to each other by a bridge. This creates various tactical choke points for campers – people can just wait on the bridge to snipe down anyone who crosses. The two smaller islands, Brasilia and these bridges constitute the most crowded part of Purgatory. The top part of the map is rather barren, with only the endless fields and the Moathouse. Therefore, if your objective is to survive and get the highest position possible on the board, just drop at the north side of the island - preferably the Moathouse, as there is a decent amount of loot inside that location.

Free Fire Map image
Free Fire Map image: The rivers on Purgatory are somewhat based on the Amazon River of Brazil

3 – Kalahari

Kalahari is pretty much Free Fire’s version of the desert map – an attempt to bring some actual new things to the game, unlike the usual tropical island experience. The map was pretty unpopular, however, as snipers are a little bit too strong on the map due to the general lack of cover. If you are great at sniping, however, that map is pretty much a godsend.

Free Fire All Map
Free Fire All Map: Kalahari full map

While Kalahari took inspirations from various desert regions from the planet, especially the Kalahari desert, it is actually too green and filled with life to actually be considered as one. Based on the various structures on the map like the Santa Catarina ship, the giant skeleton, or the stranded Submarine, this area was previously filled with water until much recently – the whole thing can be considered as an oasis. This does not really explain the existence of the various ruins all over the map, however.

Free Fire Map loot
Free Fire Map loot: The Camp is the location with the best loot on the map

Kalahari is overall pretty well-designed gameplay-wise, with big locations scattered all over every part of the map, unlike Purgatory. You could land on pretty much any part of the land and still able to access a decent amount of loot.

Free Fire All Map
Free Fire All Map: the council hall on Kalahari

4 – Free Fire All Map: Verdict

Overall, the Bermuda map is still the best map available in-game - Kalahari and Purgatory are still lagging behind in designs. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the crossbow in Free Fire and how to use it.