There are a lot of weird weapons in Free Fire – and the Crossbow is probably the rarest of them all – you hardly see anyone ever use it in-game. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this weapon.

History of the Crossbow in Free Fire

Crossbow No Free Fire
The least used weapon in Free Fire

It was added to the game back in June 2018 as a normal drop and was pretty much ignored by everyone. The first version was pretty awful, with atrociously slow fire rate and bolt traveling rate – no one managed to hit anything with it. Half a year later, they tried to buff the thing but to no avail. Finally, on the November 2019 update, Garena changed the crossbow into an Airdrop item and turn the bolt into an explosive projectile - it is a lot better now.

Stats of the Crossbow in Free Fire

You only get 5 bolts from the crate along with the weapon

Besides these attributes, the crossbow also has 3 extra features:

  • Silent - the weapon would make no sound when firing whatsoever, great if you are trying to sneak around
  • Deal extra damage over time - enemies would take some damage per second when getting hit with a crossbow bolt
  • Armor-piercing - Crossbow bolts would ignore armors and helmets
If your target is stupid enough to stand still, the crossbow is devastating

Overall, the stats of this weapon is excellent - with a damage stat of 90 and armor-piercing, a shot with the explosive bolt would pretty much instant kill a target. However, with a magazine of 1 and a slow bolt travel speed, it would be super hard for you to hit any moving target. The range of the crossbow is also pretty mediocre as well.

The crossbow's explosive bolt in action

Finally, you can't equip any weapon modifications on the crossbow - it is stuck with the base 2x scope.

Tips for using the crossbow in Free Fire

  • Try to predict opponents' movement. As the arrow would take a few seconds to reach the target - it is best that you aim a bit ahead in the direction of the opponent's movement when firing. Don't count on the area of effect damage - always try to hit your opponent at least on the body.
Maxresdefault 4
Sneaking around with the crossbow is the best way to use it
  • Try to sneak around when using the crossbow to make use of its silent attribute when firing. If you catch an opponent off guard when he is standing still - it would be an instant kill with the exploding bolt.
  • Manage its reload time - if you miss the first shot, it is best to retreat or pull out another weapon instead of trying to reload the crossbow for another shot.

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