In Free Fire squad mode, leaders of teams would often assign roles to members based on their playstyle - and one of the more popular positions in the game Rusher or Assaulter. Players assigned this role would often be the one to open combat and going first. Due to the nature of this position, players need to have good skills in close-quarter combat and middle-range fights so that they could disrupt the enemy's formation.

You need to be pretty decent in Free Fire to take this crucial position

In the list below are the five best weapons combinations for this position. These combos would also work in Solo mode as well.


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The advantage of this combination is that its pretty easy to get - and if you are not able to get your hand on a FAMAS, the SCAR would work just as well. The FAMAS's 3 bullets burst would ensure your accuracy and damage output in middle to long-range, and in the heat of combat, the automatic burst restriction would ensure your aim stays on target even if you panic and hold the fire button for too long. In close-quarter, well, the MP40 is one of the best options for quick sprays, as it is the fastest gun in-game.

4 - M4A1 + M79/M1014

New Weapon Royale M4a1 Garena Free Fire 08ce34

Another easy to assemble combo - the first piece of this combination is the M4A1, a steady gun that's effective in almost every period of the game, even if you don't have any attachments to go with it. While the M4 does not hit as hard as the AK, it has the best range out of all automatic AR. Switch between the M79 and the M1014 based on availability and situation. The M79 is better if you are trying to storm a location, on the offensive, while the M1014 is better when you are camping inside a room defensively.

3 - AK + VSS

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The AK has always been a popular choice for gamers in Free Fire or any shooter games, mainly due to its high damage per bullet. In the late game, with high-level attachments equipped, the AK47 can pretty much mow down any target in middle or close range. Pick this only if you are able to handle its recoil. For accurate tap/snipe on long-range, the VSS would be a great choice for a support weapon with its relatively high mobility.

2 - SKS/M14 + M1014/any SMG

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The semi-long range SKS and M14 would be a force to be reckoned with, especially when you are able to start a fight without enemy spotting you. The other weapon would be situational insurance in case you have to engage in close range.

1 - Groza + M79/M1014


This combo is reliant on your ability to acquire a Groza from airdrops, which is pretty rare. However, if you manage to get your hand on it, the Groza can pretty much be used for any type of situation, as it is the best weapon in the Assault Rifle class. Afterward, you can get yourself an M79 or M1014 for utilities.

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