Currently, Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile are two of the most successful games on mobile in India. Both games have gathered a decently high player base, growing steadily every month. If you are going to jump into the Battle Royale Genre but don’t want to play PUBG Mobile – this comparison might help you decide what games to pick.

In this article below, we would list out the top 5 major differences between the two BR titles.

1 – Maps

Call of Duty Mobile has too many maps to count

Both games feature battle royale mode with beautifully crafted maps that players would fight each other on. However, Call of Duty Mobile is rather lacking in this department – it has only one map for all BR players while Free Fire has three: Bermuda, Kalahari and Purgatory. The reason behind this is that CoD Mobile’s main modes are domination, bomb defusal… the usual shooter maps – the Battle Royale map is more or less just an afterthought.

2 – Modes

Image 7 Play Call Of Duty Mobile On Mac
Normal modes are the main attraction of CoD Mobile

Free Fire uses the usual Battle Royale system, with the main focus being on the actual battle royale map, while TDM and event modes are just limited time fun activities that players participate for event prizes. In Call of Duty Mobile, the normal mode is the main course, with every single one of them being highly competitive – most notably Frontline and Domination.

Freefire Kapellapatch S3
Free Fire's various limited-time modes

If you come from a traditional shooter and enjoy the usual deathmatch, squad bombing tactics and the like, you would definitely enjoy Call of Duty Mobile more. For the pure battle royale experience, Free Fire is much better, of course.

3 – System Requirements

Free Fire Vs Call Of Duty 82fe
Call of Duty Mobile looks much better... and is much more demanding

One of the main reasons behind Free Fire’s massive success is its relatively low system requirements. In India, the majority of gamers play on low tier devices, which sometimes can only run Free Fire. Call of Duty Mobile is the opposite – it requires much more processing power due to the better graphics options. This is probably the reason why the game didn’t do very well in India.

4 – Player count for each match

Call of Duty mobile can have up to 150 players in a Battle Royale match. The more players there are, the longer the game is going to be drawn out. In Free Fire, a match has only 50 players -therefore it is much shorter, more suitable for quick sessions.

Br Classes The Clown
Call of Duty's Classes system is the equivalent of Free Fire's skill system

The length of arcade mode in both games is about the same.

5 – Game Size

Free Fire has a much smaller size compared to Call of Duty Mobile – only 571 MB  to COD Mobile’s 2.1 GB.

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