Looks like one of the biggest updates of Garena Free Fire this year is going to come out very soon. In about 8 days, on July 29, Garena’s Plan Bermuda is going to be released. They have been dropping hints all over the place awhile ago for this update on their social media accounts.

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The various clues from Free Fire's Facebook

The weird part about this update is that Garena would be collaborating with a third party and not doing this alone. The partners would be revealed officially on July 29. In this article below we would list out the complete timeline of Plan Bermuda.

1 - Plan Bermuda Hints

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The 4 locations of plan Bermuda

The hints for the Bermuda plan depict various famous landmarks from all over the world, including Japan, Germany, Sweden and Russia. It is not sure if there is going to be any additional changes, as the current version of the Bermuda 2.0 map, dubbed Bermuda Remastered, can be accessed in the OB23 Advance server right now.

What exactly is going to be added? Well, it is unsure, as the Bermuda 2.0 map only has 4 new locations: Fisherman Creek, Academy, Hydro Power, and Yagami island – there are not much resemble the clues on those locations. People were talking about how those places would get added, but the OB23 update debunked that.

2 – What are the new changes in Bermuda Remastered?

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A comparison between the old version and the new one

The Peak is now upgraded - it is now a big mountain instead of the usual hills. Sentosa is completely remade, with a new name: Yagami Garden. Looks like Free Fire is going with a Japanese style design for the island now instead of the previous Southeast Asian style.

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The terrain is changed dramatically - there is a huge mountain in the middle of the map now

Hydropower is a dam overlook the bridge that connects the two sides of the bay. This would be a pretty unique location, lying in the middle of a huge lake - it is very likely that the area would be popular with snipers. Next is Fisherman's creek - it replaces Rim Nam village. This is not a bad choice as Rim Nam is pretty unpopular amongst fans. The last change is the Academy - the huge academy building would be a major fighting ground due to its likely great drops.

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