The Free Fire OB23 Advance Server has been made available to testers, showcase all the new features that Free Fire has to offer. Amongst those features is a brand new game mode named Convoy Crunch, which is confirmed to be a part of the release next week. The update would also include a new character called Lucas, a penguin pet, along with some outfits, gun skins, and much more. Find out more about Convoy Crunch in the article below.

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Yet another brand new mode in Free Fire

1 – General Details

The convoy crunch mode can only be played on the Bermuda map, in which teams would fight for the control of the only Monster truck on the island. The two squads would spawn at 2 different locations, opposite from each other.

Equipment Mode Convoy Crunch
The various weapon loadouts - they are all pretty unconventional ones.

2 – Gameplay

The objective is to fight and take the Monster Truck to a certain location on the island by following a directed path. The team who manages to do it would be the winner.

The vehicle has separate HP bar for wheels and body - it can be repaired back to full

The other team that doesn’t have the control of the truck would have to stop the truck at any cost until time runs out. In a match of Convoy Crunch, there are three rounds in total – a team needs to win 2 rounds to be declared the winner. Killed players would respawn on the spawn zone infinitely – they also get to choose one out of 6 preset loadouts before entering battle.

3 – Strategy

Overall, the team that's driving the truck would have a harder time, as it is a huge vehicle that can be damaged easily. The truck would be slowed down if its tires are damaged, which is most of the time. At least one person of the team has to be in the vicinity of the truck for it to move - this opens up opportunities for enemies to use grenades on the formation.

The more people there are in the Vehicle's vicinity, the faster it moves

The Truck team has the advantage of having the truck as a moving cover. More often than not, the other team would focus on the truck, leaving themselves open to retaliation attacks. Gloo Walls are great in impeding the movement of the truck as well.

The Advance OB23 Server would close down on July 23 – it is expected that the update would be released a few days afterward.

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