Free Fire's developers have always been pretty open about their policy regarding hackers and cheaters in the game. Recently, they have put out a short Q&A about the most asked questions about banning, hacking, and cheating in Free Fire. In this article, we have compiled all 21 questions into 3 groups - read this to avoid getting banned in Free Fire.

Faq Hack
Free Fire's anti-cheat FAQ

1 - How does Free Fire Detect Cheaters?

There are 2 actions that are considered cheating:

  • Using any third party programs not released or authorized by Garena.
  • Modifying game client or playing in a modified game client that has functions not existed in the official version.
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Hacks and cheats are common in Free Fire at lower ranks

The in-game Report function is the only way for players to report cheaters in their games. The anti-cheat component of the game also scans for hacks and cheats automatically. The dev team would constantly update their anti-cheat software to combat hacks.

Modification of game files can give you unlimited resources

About bugs - they would give you a pass if you unknowingly stumble upon a bug for one time, however, if you repeatedly abuse the bug, you would be considered a cheater and would get dealt with accordingly.

2 - How does Free Fire punish cheaters?

Cheaters would be permanently banned - devices used to play would also get banned from using any other accounts to play Free Fire as well. IP bans are not applicable, as a lot of users use public wifi - a blanket IP ban would affect other players.

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A permanent ban in Free Fire

All found cheating accounts would be banned equally, even influencers and streamers or people who buy diamonds - and there would be no refund for any diamond bought. The system can differentiate between intentionally and unintentionally matchmaking - so if your teammate cheat, you would probably not be banned if you are not actively trying to cheat.

Not every type of hack is permanently banned - if you are doing something related to top-up diamonds, they would just decrease the "cheated" amount and semi-lock your account

3 - What if someone else borrows my account and cheats on it?

In the case of borrowing, selling, or stealing, there is no way to verify the identity of the person who's using the account - giving people access to your account is not recommended and the cheating accounts would still be banned.

Overall, the best way to avoid getting banned in Free Fire is to not modding the game files in any way - only download the game from the Google Store and stay away from third-party app stores.

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