Free Fire is giving away a unique Golden Pan to players without any cost – you can claim the Pan on the giveaway page any time until July 21. Once claimed, the item would stay on your account permanently – let's discuss about how to get this pan for free.

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One of the rare chance to get a permanent item for no cost at all

How to unlock the Golden Pan?

Overall, with Free Fire being a free game, the only method of getting income for Garena is players topping up diamonds. Usually, when someone buys diamonds, they would get the amount in the recipe and that’s it. However, this time, Garena decided to give players something extra without caring for their profits. The best part is that the pan is a permanent addition to your account – you won’t have to buy anything else after this.

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The Golden Pan event page in Free Fire

Now, the question you guys might ask is probably “if we have to top up for diamonds, how is that free?”

Well, the thing is that you only need to add diamonds to your account without doing anything else – that alone is enough to get the Golden Pan. Afterward, you can spend your diamonds on whatever you need, like an Elite Pass, for example. The number of diamonds you need to top up onto your account to get the pan is 500. Claim the pan on the event tab afterward.

The pan is actually one of the more useful melee weapons, as it can block bullets on swinging.

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How the Golden Pan looks in-game

If you have never top up diamonds in Free Fire before, this is probably your chance, as you would get extra goodies for your money. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post for more information about the upcoming Vengeance Event.