With the recent release of the teaser for yet another official music video, looks like Free Fire is getting yet another big event. This time, it is dubbed Vengeance. The video would come out in 2 days, on July 18.

The event would start tomorrow, July 17 2020 and last almost until the end of the month, July 29. It would be a major event consist of various smaller parts, along with a “peak day” that gives away an exclusive reward. In this article, we would list out everything you will need to follow.

1 – Token Collection

From tomorrow July 17 onward, you would earn a token after every classic or ranked match you play, with an upper limit of ten every day. Unlike the previous event, however, token can’t be exchanged for rewards right away. You must go to the event lobby and use these tokens to buy spins and get scores. These points would get accumulated to unlock milestone rewards.

Master of Death Bundle
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • A Surfboard Skin
  • Master of Death Bundle

Codiguin Free Fire Vinganca

2 – Share Event

This event is pretty straightforward – players would have to share the new music video of Free Fire from July 21 onward – and if there are enough shares to surpass the preset milestone of Garena, everyone would get a June Festival Surfboard skin.

3 – Peak Day

Similar to every major event previously in Free Fire, Vengeance would also get a peak day on July 26. On this day, all players who login would get a reward: a skill for the bat named Dead’s Final Strike.

Dead's final strike Bat skin

4 – Color Challenge

This event would begin on the peak day and last until August 2. This is pretty straightforward – you collect points after matches to exchange for brushes, which can then be used to paint pictures. After all 4 pictures are completed, you would get the Death Bringer costume set.

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