Free Fire’s OB23 update is almost here – it is going to be released at the end of this month. Amongst the various new features that are going to be included in this update, the new pet Penguin “Willy” is probably the best one.

Free Fire Jpg
Free Fire devs has been updating the game with new content at a rapid pace

This leak was revealed by players who managed to get access to Free Fire’s Advance Server for the next update. Willy the Penguin is designed like a normal penguin, wearing a set of wool hats and scarves. This is actually pretty weird, as penguin lives in the south pole and have literally no need to keep themselves warm, as their body is already designed against the cold.

Free Fire Penguin Pet
Looks like the next update is going to be "winter" themed, which is pretty weird, as it happens on the middle of July

The special skill that Willy the Penguin comes equipped with is a passive that increases Gloo Wall Resistance by 60% at maximum. This is somewhat the same as Robo’s skill, Wall Enforcement, which increases wall HP by 60 when maxed. If you often use Gloo Walls or is a fan of Penguin, this pet is probably a must buy. With the extra 60% resistance, it would take quite a while for the enemy to bring down your Gloo cover, enabling you enough time to run away or counter attack.

Maxresdefault 5
It is likely that the pet is designed to use in conjunction with the gun.

Overall, this Penguin pet is geared toward team play, as there are various other better choices like the Falcon, for example. The Penguin is probably designed for use in tandem with the new Gloo Wall Gun in order to create the best possible obstacle. Free Fire has been focusing on the Gloo mechanic lately, as the newly released M82B Sniper Rifle also has a passive that increases damage dealt to Walls.

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