A month ago, Free Fire made some social media posts hinting about something new that is going to be added to Bermuda map – the event dubbed “Secret Plan”. Not much information was available at the time… but now, a lot of things have been made clear.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Tokyo 1024x683
4 new landmarks that are going to be added to Bermuda

Apparently, Free Fire’s Plan Bermuda is going to add two more places onto the Bermuda map, based on Tokyo and New York. They are likely to be released along with the OB23 update, which is supposed to be out on July 25. You don’t have to wait until then to explore these two spots, however, as they would be available in the Advance server on July 15. Check out this post to figure out how to register for the OB23 Advance Server.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda
Free Fire's secret "Plan Bermuda"'

While only two locations are getting added, they are likely to consist of multiple structures. Four different landmarks have been shared by Free Fire’s social media, divided into two categories: Entertainment and Religious. Below is a list for all 4 locations:

1 - Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Tokyo 1024x683

The tower featured in the image is the second tallest structure in Japan, Tokyo Tower. It is the most iconic landmark in the city. If the tower is climbable in-game, it would be a great vantage point for snipers. However, the image might represent the Temple/Park at the bottom of the tower instead, which would be not nearly as good.

2 - Brandenburg Gate (Berlin, Germany)

Free Fire Pan Bermuda New York 1024x683

This is a monument built in the 18th century to celebrate the Batavian Revolution – one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. This gate is simple enough to be featured in-game - you probably will not be able to climb on the top, however.

3 - Kungsträdgården (Stockholm, Sweden)

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Sweden 1 1024x683

These multicolored buildings are from a park in the middle of Stockholm, Sweden's capital. The name, Kungsträdgården, is King's garden in Swedish - this place has had the same purpose since 600 years ago, with origins dated back to the middle ages. These colorful buildings would definitely be a great addition to Bermuda.

4 - Saint Basil's Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)

Free Fire Plan Bermuda Russia 1024x683

The most famous church in Russia, Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin are what would come into your mind every time you think about Moscow. This church is too big and elaborate to fit into Free Fire... but who knows, the devs might surprise us.

5 - Where would these landmarks be added?

Apparently, Brandenburg Gate and Kungsträdgården would be added to the "New York" location, which is likely to be somewhere near the factory. The Tokyo Tower and the church are likely to be in the "Tokyo" location, which would be located somewhere near "Riverside".

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