PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are the two biggest battle royale games in the Indian market today. With PUBG Mobile being the classic battle royale game, it is Free Fire’s job to be different from the norm – its weapon system is probably the most notable part.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

In this article, we would list out all the guns in both games and compare them when needed.

1 – Assault Rifle/DMR

There is no DMR class in Free Fire – all rifles except for Snipers are categorized into one AR section. While both games have a huge selection of guns (Free Fire has 12 in the AR category, PUBG Mobile has 10 AR and 6 DMR), only 4 of them are identical: the Groza, SKS, VSS and SCAR, with the VSS being an SMG in Free Fire, weirdly enough.

VSS, a DMR in PUBG Mobile, is classified as an SMG in Free Fire

You would have thought basic weapons like the AK and M4 would be the same, but no. The AKM in PUBG is the modern version of the classic AK, while the Free Fire version is the classic itself. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile’s counter for Free Fire’s M4A1 is the M416 and the M16A4.

AK47 (Top) vs AKM (Bottom)

The most special gun in this category is probably Free Fire’s Heat gun, the only gun in both games that doesn’t use ammo.

Overall, PUBG Mobile wins this category, due to its higher number of weapons and variety.

2 – SMG

In this category, PUBG Mobile has 6 guns while Free Fire has 7. Only 2 guns, the UMP and Thompson, are exactly the same. The two games share between them the classic SMGs, with Free Fire getting the spammer P90 while PUBG Mobile get the UZI. About the classic SMG, the MP5, Free Fire once again gets the original while PUBG gets the modified MP5K version.

Free Fire Weapon Guide 1024x576
Free Fire's weapons are sometimes too unrealistic

In Free Fire, there is also a fictional gun in this class called CG15, which has the ability to charge and fire a shot with much higher damage.

3 – Sniper Rifle

PUBG Mobile wins again in this category, with 4 weapons comparing to Free Fire’s 3. Just a few months ago, Free Fire has only 2 SR, the AWM and the Kar98k, which is pretty much the same as PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Sells 20 Mil Copies Feature
The AWM or "Arctic Warfare Magnum" is still the king of all Sniper Rifles in Shooters

With Free Fire’s higher HP total, body shots with sniper rifles are not nearly as lethal as in PUBG Mobile – players are forced to headshot. Weirdly enough, the three sniper rifles in Free Fire deals about the same body shot damage, unlike PUBG Mobile in which the AWM is king. Free Fire seems to try to make up for its lack of variety with special abilities: the new unique Sniper Rifle M82B has the ability to deal more damage to vehicles.

Freefire M2b Crop1589589870696 Jpg 554688468
The M82B made up for its lack of damage with a special ability

4 – Others

Besides the above 3 classes, there aren’t really many similarities in the sidearm, shotguns, or LMG rosters. The general trend is that Free Fire would focus on the iconic weapons that a lot of shooters have while PUBG Mobile would use an obscure variant of them.

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Gatling guns are super unrealistic in real life - these things are usually fitted on vehicles

Furthermore, Free Fire also has some fantastical futuristic weapons like the healing pistol “treatment gun” or the shotgun/pistol hybrid “Hand Cannon”. Free Fire also has a Gatling gun with 1200 ammo capacity as well.

However, there is a section that Free Fire has that PUBG Mobile does not have – Launchers. These weapons are definitely great additions to the game and spice up the usual battle royale gameplay by a lot. PUBG Mobile’s counterpart for this might be the RPG… which is only used in arena modes.

5 – Verdict

While both games are veritable Esports, Free Fire's weapon roster is somewhat geared towards "fun" than PUBG Mobile "realistic" style. Being fun is not something bad - as both games have their own style, strengths and weaknesses.

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