PUBG Mobile is going next level with its newest 0.19.0 update, with a brand new exclusive map and a gigantic host of new quality of life features. In this article, we would list the top five best additions in this patch and how they affect players' gaming experience.

1 – Team-Up Lobby

A team-up platform for people to find their own squads

You would be able to find suitable teammates pretty quickly using the new Team-up Platform feature, which displays various stats from players like KDA, Top 10%, style…etc. You can both create teams and join teams that other people create.

There is also a feature called Voice recruitment, in which the applicant and recruiter get to call each other directly through voice-chat. With this brand new feature, getting yourself someone to play with would be easier than ever.

2 - Dynamic holding in FPP

Fpp Dynamic Holding
New option for Dynamic Holding

This feature would be a great help for FPP mode players in PUBG Mobile. With the new Dynamic Holding option available, players would be able to see much more of the screen, as the character would hold the gun lower than usual. This would greatly improve the FPP experience, enabling players to actually follow the map instead of struggling with their guns.

3 – Brother in Arms improvement

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New improvements in Brother in Arms

A lot of changes have been made to Brother in Arms, PUBG Mobile’s mentor system. Everything is modified to be easier to use and inspect: players can now switch between roles by just clicking on a tab. During training and battle, veterans and rookies now have special indication marks for easy recognization… and more. The best part is probably the improvement in social experience – Rookies and Veterans can now quickly add-friend and send gifts to each other.

4 – Pick Up Improvements

An on/off switch for auto scope pickup has been added. When turned off, scopes would not be picked up automatically, even when you are standing near a scope supply. When turned on, the usual auto pickup would be available.

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New pickup options for magazines and sights

Players can now set if they want to pick up Quickdraw mags or extended mags first in the Pickup settings.

5 – New kill effect settings and Customizable Kill feed

Players can now move the kill feed around on the screen using the controls menu. There are still no options to tune its transparency, however. They can also select between a few colors (including red, green and yellow) for the kill effects in PUBG Mobile.

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You can now change the color of the kill effects

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