PUBG Mobile's maps are amongst the biggest and most intricately designed game location in the world - ranging from 4 to 64 square kilometers full of unique locations and features. Not every detail is created from scratch, however - a lot of the ideas or locations on the map were lifted from real-life regions. In this article, we are going to cover the 4 maps Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi, along with the PUBG exclusive map Karakin and the PUBG Mobile unreleased map Livik.

1 - Erangel

Maxresdefault 3
The Power Plant in Erangel

Erangel is an abandoned island in the Black Sea of Russia, abandoned when the Soviet military retreat away from it. The location was used for weapon testing - with the local populace getting experimented on with biological/chemical weapons. After a botched attack on a facility, the site was abandoned.

Pubg Erangel
Erangel 2.0 has been teased by PUBG Mobile for a while now, but no one knows when it will be released


The various locations on Erangel depict the local population and their vicinity to the military compounds. The circle was originally explained to be an experimental soviet weapon, with electrical charges to contain the rebels.

2 - Miramar

An oil refinery that is usually associated with the middle east

Officially, Miramar is an 8x8 map based on the desert regions of Mexico and southern America. The area is filled with hills, canyons, and mountains, containing a sandy, arid region with abandoned urban areas and ancient ruins. However, realistically, the map is more like a mashup of various desert regions all over the world, with the chief inspiration being Mexico. Its mountains and terrains were lifted from the western USA while some of the ruins were from the middle east.

Miramar Wallpaper
The abandoned towns on Miramar

3 - Vikendi

Vikendi Remake Trong Pubg Co Diem Gi Noi Bat 626 4
The frozen towns alongside the river in Vikendi

Vikendi is based on a snowy island on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is home to a big variety of attractions, villages, and businesses. Most of it is covered with snow and the usual dense northern jungle. The locations on the island are partly based on Slovakia, with a slight retro touch from the Soviet Era. Tourists visiting this island would be able to tour the rocket launching site "Cosmodrome", the ancient Castle and Winery, or even the modern Dino Park.

4 - Sanhok

258598 Rkoudhxytb Fwaeoas
The resort on the coast of Sanhok

Sanhok is the first-ever map that the PUBG team visit the real-life location in order to get art directions. It is a combination of various locations in Thailand and the Philippines, with both tourists, residence and industrial locations. There is also a ruin as well, with inspirations from Thailand's ancient pagodas.

5 - Karakin

Most of Karakin is covered with Semi oasis and palm trees

This map is based on islands on the coast of Northern Africa, one of the most uninhabitable places on earth. It is an arid, desolate location with features of both deserts and oasis all over the place, along with the tunnels all over the map. Karakin is based on a completely lawless and desolate location with smugglers being the only frequent visitors.

6 - Livik

Livik Map T
The contrast between Livik's various regions are amazing

Livik is based on North-Eastern Europe, around the regions of Norway, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. The terrains in these regions can change dramatically in just a relatively small distance. You can find snow-covered hills and mountains on one side with verdant, green grass fields on the other. This makes the map such a unique place to explore

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