While PUBG Mobile Lite is just a toned-down version of the normal PUBG Mobile, it isn’t treated that way. The developers have definitely been spending time and effort on this version in order to make the game the best it could be.


Their efforts paid off – PUBG Mobile Lite is currently pretty popular, with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Looks like a lot of people have low-end devices that can’t run PUBG Mobile. The game is going to receive the 0.18.0 update pretty soon – below are the additional contents that are going to be added onto it.

1 – New TDM Mode

This new mode is called "Assault: The Ruins". Players would be able to play team deathmatch on the Ruins map, the second TDM map of PUBG Mobile. With the mode’s map being smaller in both size and capacity, looks like PUBG Mobile Lite is going to get updates similar to this in the future.

Maxresdefault 2

2 – Slide option

Players would get a brand new movement option in TDM mode in the 0.18.0 patch: Slide. To do this, players just need to sprint in any direction then press crouch. Their character would automatically perform the action. This would further increase the speed of team deathmatch’s combat, preventing people from just camping around.

3 – New Guns

Maxresdefault 1
The new P90 weapon in PUBG Mobile

There would be 2 new guns added into PUBG Mobile Lite on the 0.18.0 update: the P90 and the MPK5. Both weapons are your run off the mill SMGs- best for close-range combat in TDM maps and the like. These two guns use the 9mm ammo, which is easily found everywhere on the map.

4 – No more healing while moving

Pubg Mobile Heal While Moving
The ability to heal while moving around is too powerful

While being really popular, this feature is pretty imbalanced – as you can just run away while healing and come back to fight immediately afterward. Finally, PUBG Mobile Lite’s developers have decided to remove that in the newest patch. This is probably an attempt to increase the difficulty of the game and spice up the fights - no more people ducking into covers while healing.

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