PUBG Mobile has been trying to push out constant updates to improve players’ general experience on the various old maps. The recent Mad Miramar update is a big example – it has managed to add one of the most appreciated strategical elements into the game: Vending machines.

vending machine in pubg season 13
Vending Machine in PUBG Season 13: The update for Miramar was really appreciated by fans

In this article, we would list out everything about the vending machines in PUBG Mobile. Players hate them at first but they eventually warm up to those things, after getting a jackpot or two.

1 - What do Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile do?

Before getting to the details, we need to get through a brief preview about the Vending machines’ function. The two words that are best described these machines are “healing stations”. While those sports drinks are no meds or adrenaline shots, but they can be just as effective, maybe even more in various cases.

pubg vending machines
PUBG Vending Machines: These are very contested spots in both solo and squad matches - be careful when accessing them

These machines would toss out a random number of Energy Drinks when you interact with them. Just slap the “Purchase” button when you interact with one and the drinks would drop on the ground – up to 8 can be looted. This is the maximum number of drops that only happen if you have hit the jackpot.

use vending machine in pubg
Use Vending Machine in PUBG: The Mad Miramar update was greatly appreciated - it is probably the biggest update yet for a map in PUBG Mobile

There’s no way to increase the number of drops from a machine – and they would be deactivated once used. The best thing is that they are really straightforward and you don’t need to do anything for them to unlock.

2 - Mechanics for vending machine spawns in PUBG Mobile

After testing the map for quite a while to look for vending machines and gathered the information from players, we have found out that there are places with a higher spawn rate than others. It is best to understand where to find those things than precise locations – there are a few reasons for this:

Firstly, Vending Machines are randomly spawned. While Miramar has more than a few dozens of spawn spots, only a set number of machines would spawn in a match. Because of this, a machine might spawn on the same spot two times, but you might not be as lucky the third time around. If there is a dead vending machine in a building, it means that the spot is a spawn point for these machines.

vending machines in pubg mobile
Vending Machines In PUBG Mobile: The bug with vending machines spawning infinite energy drinks has already been fixed

Secondly, it is important to notice the building types that can spawn vending machines to incorporate them into your battle plans instead of having to go out of your way to look and risk getting killed.

vending machine pubg
Vending Machine PUBG: These machines can spawn anywhere inside the building - from easy to see spots to obscure ones

Building types are probably the most important factor for vending machines spawns. Places with the highest spawn rate are consumer areas or shops – no reason to move around to look if you are in a residential area. Gas stations, arenas, casinos, and places with lots of billboards and banners on top are the ones that you need to find. Motels are likely spawn points as well – but they would appear in lobby areas and not individual rooms.

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3 - All locations for Vending Machines in PUBG Mobile

In the map below, we have listed out several top spawn locations and specific spots for vending machines to spawn, along with a map of the likely spots for the whole island. Using this list, you can quickly cycle through the places for all those healing items before other players can get them. Due to the nature of the spawns, most of those locations are cities.

vending machine pubg
Vending Machine PUBG: The top 4 locations with the highest chance for spawns

Top locations for Vending Machines:

  • Los Leones
  • Chumacera
  • El Pozo
  • Pecado

The map above highlights the 4 top locations for those vending machines to spawn. These are all “possible spawn locations” there’s no absolute guarantee that they would appear on these spots every match. Below is another map for the spawn spots in other towns of Miramar.

vending machines in pubg
Vending Machines In PUBG Mobile: Various locations that are likely to have vending machine spawns on the map

For the precise locations of these things within buildings – they can be just about anywhere in the structure. However, as you play the map more and more, you would be able to spot the copy-pasted buildings around the map and predict these spawn spots. This would also eliminate the wasted time when running around as well.

use vending machine in pubg
Use Vending Machine in PUBG if you want to win

Some of these machines are behind main doors, on the second floor, or even between floors, through broken ceilings. Big areas like Casinos can even have multiple ones spawned on the same floor. Because of this, if you are scouting these big locations, it is safe to expect more than a single vending machine.

4 - Why are energy drinks so useful?

Energy drinks provide players with an extra edge over enemies in combat that sometimes would be the difference between winning and losing. Firstly, a vending machine would drop multiple of them – so if you have gathered many, you would be able to keep your health at 100 all the time, eliminating all the chip damage accumulated. Even 1 HP matter in a fight.

Due to the item being regeneration, you can pop one before a fight and get a decent amount of HP out of the regen effect. This would also provide a decent edge in a fight.

They are also pretty useful in healing outside of the safe zone as well, with the first few level's damage completely nullified.

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