Vehicles are very important in PUBG Mobile, in both solo and squad matches. By riding one, you would be able to move around the map at a decent speed, avoid taking unnecessary damage from other players. You would be able to linger on the map much longer than usual, only moving to the circle at the last minute.

In this list, we would list out the top 5 best vehicles in the game:

5 – Dacia


Dacia is the fastest car in PUBG Mobile – if you are a good driver and can stick to roads, that is. The engine of this car is rather weak for its high top speed – you must maintain speed when driving uphill with this vehicle. Dacia also has only 1800 HP, slightly less than the UAZ in exchange for a smaller, harder to hit profile.

4 - Rony


The exclusive vehicle on Sanhok map, the Rony is a nice middle ground between the Pickup Truck and the UAZ. The Rony has an excellent off-road driving ability, perfectly suitable for the hilly terrain of Sanhok. Just be careful when turning the thing at high speed, as it is likely to flip. The Rony can fit the whole squad, however, the two members on the back are exposed to gunfire. It also has the lowest engine sound in-game.

3 – Buggy


The buggy is pretty much the lite version of a real car, exchange power, and protection for ease of control. The frame is much lighter than a car, enabling the smaller engine to drive it uphill from a parking position. The car also has super high fuel efficiency, with the ability to maintain the top speed of 90 km/h without having to boost.

2 – Motorcycle

Karol Miklas 1

The fastest vehicle in PUBG Mobile – the motorcycle is perfect for solo and duo with its ability to carry 2 people. While there is pretty much no protection for riders, most of the time you would be going so fast for people to shoot. The motorcycle is perfect to rotate to locations on the map or chasing airdrops.

1 – UAZ


This is the best vehicle in PUBG Mobile. The UAZ has decent speed, great off-road performance, and good protection for the squad inside it. There are 4 variants – Open Top, Soft Top, Hard Top and Armored. The weakness of the UAZ is its relatively loud engine which would reveal your position across the map.

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