PUBG Mobile content creators on YouTube has been a great part of the game’s Esports environment – without them, the game would not be able to become as popular as it was today. Originally, PUBG Mobile Streaming was just a leisure activity to these guys, but with the explosive growth of the game, the hobby has turned into a completely professional career with a lot of fame and fortune.

In this article, we would list out the five most popular PUBG Mobile YouTubers in 2020.

5 – CarryMinati (~6 million subscribers / India)

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CarryMinati is pretty much one of the fastest-growing PUBG Mobile Streaming channels on YouTube – the guy was invited to various influencer tournaments since last year. Overall, Carry is a talented PUBG Mobile player, with the ability to use sniper rifles to destroy his opponents. The guy is also known for comic skits and his various videos reactions to online topics. In PUBG Mobile, Carry used an emulator, and because of that, he isn't considered to be a top player as emulator users have an innate advantage over normal players.

4 – Panda (6.15 million subscribers / Sweden)

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He also has another channel called Blue Panda, which has another 2.63 million followers, bringing his total to almost 9 million. Panda is an excellent sniper in PUBG Mobile as well – the guy is widely acknowledged for his ability to headshot using sniper rifles and his extremely high kill score in a match. The difference between Panda and Carry is that the Swedish gamer plays on a mobile device normally.

3 – Atro (6.44 million subscribers / Netherlands)

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Similar to Panda, Atro is a multi-channel YouTuber with another account called Atro Plus. The guy mainly creates content in Arabic - this speaks volumes about PUBG Mobile’s popularity. Atro is a decent player with good sniping skills – he also uses a mobile emulator, however, which automatically lower his actually skill, as using a mobile phone is how PUBG Mobile is supposed to be played. Atro has clashed with other streamers before – when using other weapons than a sniper rifle, the guy prefers to charge ahead instead of attacking at range.

2 – Levinho (6.87 million subscribers / Sweden)

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Another PUBG Mobile Streamer from Sweden – this guy is likely to be the most skilled PUBG Mobile player on this list. The accuracy of his rushes and aggressiveness make his streams very entertaining to watch. And of course, Levinho does not use an emulator. The guy is also an expert in trolling his opponents and play mind games with them.

1 – Dynamo Gaming (7.7 million subscribers / India)

Pubg Mobile Live With Dynamo Chi

India is pretty much the biggest market of PUBG Mobile in the world – and because of that, it is not a surprise that an Indian streamer takes the top of this list. Dynamo used to play PUBG Mobile on an emulator but he has stopped awhile ago. The guy is an impressive all-around player, with the ability to use a lot of weapons and take various positions. The best part of watching Dynamo’s stream is his ability to communicate with his fans.

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