DMRs or Designated Markman Rifles are some of the best weapons in PUBG Mobile. Most of them can be described as “a sniper rifle with a high rate of fire” or “an assault rifle with high damage”. With PUBG Mobile’s combats often happen in the middle to long-range, the DMRs are more or less perfect for the job. Now, without further ado, let's get to the list.

5 - VSS

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This is a pretty distinct weapon in the DMR class - it is almost like an SMG with less ammo. While the damage and range of the VSS can’t really be compared to the other weapons in the same class, it automatically comes with a suppressor and a 4x scope. This makes the weapon serviceable right away without having to scrounge around for attachments. The highest stat of this gun is its firing rate – the VSS is fully automatic (with only 10 bullets in its magazine, of course). Best in short/medium range combat.

4 - Mini 14

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The Mini 14 is the closest to an assault rifle that you could get – it is a semi-auto DMR with high accuracy and low recoil, perfect for short/medium range combat, with the ability to destroy a level 2 helmet with 2 headshots. At a longer range, its damage drops a bit but still serviceable. The Mini-14, when boosted with an extended magazine, would have the highest bullet capacity in the class – you can spam without rest.

3 - SKS

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A decent semi-sniper that excels in medium-range combat. Everything closer than 150 meters can be gunned down very reliably – a level 3 Vest can be destroyed in 2 hits at about 50 meters. The weakness of the SKS is its high recoil, which is pretty understandable as its damage is super high. From 300 meters and up, it would take about 4 hits to kill a player with level 3 vest.

2 - SLR

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The second-rarest DMR in the game – the SLR is even more specialized than the SKS. It has even more damage and range in exchange for weight and fire rate. This makes the SLR moderately weaker in close combat. You would still be able to make something happen, however, if you are accurate, as the damage of this gun is so extreme it can one-shot people in close range. The SLR become much weaker at the 400-meter range and above.

1 - MK14

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The rarest DMR in the game, which can only be found in an airdrop. To some people, the gun is even better than the AWM – it is fully automatic with super high damage, high range, and accuracy for single shots. Along with the single-shot capability at long range, the MK14 is also a beast in close range – with the ability to down a target in 3 body shots. The weakness of the gun is pretty much the same as other high damage guns – its extreme recoil.

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