One of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India this year, PMIS 2020, has just started – and looks like fans are not going to see one of the biggest team participating in it. Team Soul, after a total failure during PMPL very recently, has decided to skip this event altogether. It is not sure if they would invite any other teams or not, as the decision was made literally right before the tourney happen.

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The current lineup of Team Soul

With Soul probably being a participant for the first Online qualifier, it is likely that the organizer would just remove them from the list and move on. This news was shared by SouL’s leader, Naman “Mortal” Mathur, on his official Instagram page.

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They definitely need this break to sort out the situation - afterward, Soul would come back stronger than ever

According to Mortal, the continuous stream of tournaments in the last six months has destabilized the team and building up too much mental pressure. He further stated that during this break from PMIS 2020, they would spend time training and work on their mistakes - by training on customs throughout the duration.

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This is probably team Soul's biggest defeat to date

It is a shame that SouL is not going to participate, as the team is PMIS’s reigning champion – they won the 2019 edition. This news would definitely come as a shock to fans of Soul, as everyone was pretty excited to see how they would perform after their catastrophic defeat in PMPL. Mortal has also noted that there might be a further structural change to SouL, and if “structural” means “roster change”, we might even see a new member or two after this break. They would not get to participate in the world league this year for their defeat in PMPL.

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