Ever since the PMCO Fall Split last year, team SouL's performance has been really bad in most tournaments they were in. Now, as the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia has just ended, team SouL failed to make in the PUBG Mobile World League on 13th place, a horrible result for a team that once the best PUBG Mobile team in India. This is the first international tournament that SouL won't represent India.

Out of all people, MortaL is the one who feels the worst about this result of his team and it was shown on his latest post on Instagram.

The inevitable downfall is where we have landed today.
These were the toughest 6 months and it's now over... We couldn't make it through.

This is the biggest fall ever for team SouL during their career

In 2019, SouL dominated the PUBG Mobile esports scene in India being the champion of the PMIS 2019 and the PMCO India Spring Split 2019. In the PMCO Fall Split 2019, the team went second place. But the same doesn't happen in 2020 as they placed 8th during the PMPL South Asia League Stage with 4 Chicken Dinner.

The PMPL South Asia Finals was even worse as they got no Chicken Dinner over 15 matches and placed 13 out of 16 teams.

Hindi Pmpl South Asia Finals Day 3 Pubg Mobile Pro
Team SouL's placement in the PMPL South Asia Finals was horrible

In his Instagram post, MortaL promised his fans that this was the first and the last time team SouL sinks this low and they will try to keep going for a new beginning.

But, a new day begins tomorrow, a new way to deal with everything. We will keep moving ahead and all I can promise to you is, this was the first and last time we have disappointed you in the big picture.

This is a huge fall for both team SouL and their fans. But they still have one more chance this year in the Fall Season. Team SouL will no longer get invited straight to the PMPL South Asia and will have to register for the PMCO India and earn their slot against thousands of other teams. The registration for the PMCO Fall Split will start on June 24. More details will be revealed in the future on the official website of PMCO.

Pubg Mobile World League Season Zero 3 10 Screensh
The registration for the PMCO Fall will start on June 24

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