One thing that makes the weapon system in PUBG Mobile different from other shooters and its competitors is probably the attachment system. You can modify your gun with multiple additions to change its stats, improve its strength and remove its weaknesses.


There are a lot of attachments in PUBG Mobile – from Muzzle to Stock, Magazine and Foregrip… some attachments like an extended magazine don’t make many differences at all. Amongst all these equipments, the one that actually matters is probably the muzzle. Due to PUBG Mobile’s dynamic gameplay, no single muzzle is good for every situation – in this guide, we would discuss more about the muzzle system and which should you equip on your AR.

1 - Compensator

PUBG Mobile’s Compensator is mainly used to compensate for the gun’s vertical recoil. Specifically, it reduces vertical recoil by fifteen percent, with an additional bonus that reduces horizontal recoil by 10%. Weapon spread in close – medium range is also slightly reduced.

Compensators are decent when firing in a burst when using the M16A4 or full auto using the M416. Overall, it improves the long range accuracy of the weapon. The muzzle flash of your weapon would still be seen, however – enemies might be able to identify the location you are coming from.

2 – Suppressor

This attachment does not reduce recoil – it instead greatly reduces the sound that your gun made along with the muzzle flash created. It is most effective in team games – you can snipe down players silently, leaving their teammates in panic. Only players in the close vicinity would be able to hear the shots.


With PUBG Mobile being a battle royale – the suppressor is not really a strong attachment. Chances that people who are on an open area would not be able to know where you are anyway.

3 – Flash Hider

This attachment completely eliminates the muzzle flash from your gun – hide the visual cue from your weapon completely. This is very beneficial when going prone or crouches in the bush, as muzzle flash is one of the most common giveaways

Arguably this is even better than the suppressor, as people usually rely on visual cues alone. In addition to this bonus, the Flash Hider also reduces both vertical and horizontal recoil by 10%.

4 – Which Muzzle to equip?

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If your gun is already accurate, get a suppressor

Overall, it depends on the weapon you are using. If you have a high recoil weapon like the AKM, the compensator and flash hider would be much better - you would need any recoil reduction possible. On the other hand, if your weapon is already accurate enough like the M416 for example, you can use a suppressor.

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