It is about time for the long debate about TPP vs FPP in PUBG Mobile to be resolved. While the first-person perspective allows players to line up their shots with greater precision, the third-person perspective would improve their spatial awareness, assist them to detect approaching hostiles. The best way to play PUBG is to use both modes - activate the switch button to change between perspectives while playing.

FPP has always been the most immersive mode in a shooter

In this guide below, we would list out the pros and cons of both modes and the best time to switch between them.

1 – TPP

Memasang Tombol Tpp Fpp Di Pubg Mobile

Third-person perspective is the default mode of PUBG Mobile – it allows players to experience the game as originally intended.


  • In this mode, you would be able to have a clear view of your surroundings – you would not have to turn around much.
  • The camera can also be manipulated to look at corners, which is very advantageous when you are trying to play defensively.


  • Not many – this is why people love using TPP so much. The only noticeable drawback is that TPP is not as immersive and has a slightly worse aim.

2 – FPP

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The harder mode in PUBG Mobile – it requires a lot of preparation and skill to deal with the reduced line of sight.


  • You would get a better aim using this mode, due to the fact that you can see everything in front of your character. It is also more realistic – as in a normal shooter, TPP is pretty much wallhack.
  • A faster reaction in close-quarter combat


  • You would not be able to snake or notice enemies around the corner.
  • The camera’s movement can also cause dizziness.

3 – When to switch between modes

  • If you have to move around faster on the map – FPP would let you leap across rivers and mountains faster and more accurately.
  • Switch to FPP in a close range fight would improve your reaction time.
  • TPP is better when throwing grenades, as you can see the ending dot by pressing the eye button. Switch to TPP to peak through corners and going prone is also something you must do.

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