PUBG Mobile has been improving its level of content constantly – and with the 0.19.1 beta, the game has definitely kicked it a notch further. A new mode and map were added, along with location names for the newly revealed Fourex map.

In this article, we would list out everything new on PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.1 beta.

1 – New mode and Map

Armory Arena would be the next mode to be included in PUBG Mobile. In this mode, players would have to kill each other using all 18 different guns from PUBG Mobile, one for each kill. Every time the player gets a kill, his current gun would be swapped into the next one in the queue. The first team whose player managed to read 18 kills with 18 weapons would win the match.

Armory Arena 1024x576
Armory arena mode guide

The library map would be the main location of this mode. It is a giant library with tall bookshelves and staircases that can provide good cover.

2 – Location names for the Fourex map

In the previous patch in which Fourex was revealed, players were not able to see the names of all locations on the map. This has changed now.

New Map Pubgm 1
The name map for Fourex

Based on the names, some areas would resemble their counterparts on other PUBG Mobile maps.

3 – Camera Rotation

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New camera rotation options are added

A new setting would be added to the game with this beta. With this, players would be able to enable or disable camera rotation while using scopes (ADS). Disabling this feature locks the camera when leaning or ADS. This will be a good addition for players who use the gyroscope since the camera won’t be accidentally moved by their fingers.

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More quality of life update for FPP as well

4 – Hit effects

Hit Markers 1 1024x468
You can actually change the color of the blood effect now

New hit effects with different colors are also added in the beta – players would be able to change the blood color of their enemies at will.

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