PUBG Mobile is a huge game with a lot of variance in weapons – some of them like the Tommy Gun, Winchester, or Crossbow are often regarded as a joke, with their huge drawbacks over other more advanced guns.

However, if you actually put some effort into learning those weapons – they can definitely work. Your game would not even be affected that much, as the game allows you to carry 2 primary weapons – you can just pull out your AR and play the game as normal.

Crossbow is one of the most underrated weapons in PUBG

In this guide, we would list out some ways that you can make a crossbow actually work.

1 – Statistics of the Crossbow

It has 105 damage per hit, which is second only to the AWM. You can kill anyone with a headshot, even if they are wearing a level 3 helmet.

You can kill an unarmored player instantly as well – if you managed to stumble upon this early on, it might be a good idea to do some hunting. Even if they are wearing armor, you can just pull out your other weapon to drop them after one bolt.

Top 5 Vu Khi Chien Dau Co Sat Thuong Ghe Gom Nhat
General statistics of the weapon - its ammo, the crossbow bolt, is pretty rare

It is the only true silent weapon in the game. You can just fire away without having to worry about them finding out. The reload speed and velocity of the bolts are horrible, however – it is rather hard to hit at anything past the 100-meter mark.

2 – How to make the Crossbow work?

It is a niche weapon – specialty in stealth. When used correctly, it can devastate the enemy team in silence. You would need a good scope with a rangefinder to use of this weapon – the attachments of choice are the 2x and Crossbow sight.

2x – if the enemy fills the circle, they are 100 meters away. If they fill half of it, they are at 200. Use this to try to get them into your effective range of 100 meters. To headshot at this distance, try to place their head at the gap at the bottom of the circle.

A guide for the 4x scope on a crossbow

Base – The top dot is used for close range, anything lower than 50 meters. The second is used for 50-80 meters. If the player fills the gap between the second and third dots, they are in your effective range. Leave them in the gap and fire.

Pubg Mobile Crossbow Guide 5
The crossbow's base scope

You don’t really need many bolts if your accuracy is high – 2 of them are usually enough for a kill, 1 with headshots. The weapon is super useful to sow confusion in the rank of your enemies, as no one expected to be hit silently – they would not be able to know where the attacks came from. Think of it as an AWM cross with a VSS – extremely slow projectile for super high damage.

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