If you have played any real-life based shooters, the AK would probably be the weapon that was included in every version of them. PUBG Mobile is not an exception. Its version of the AK is called AKM (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanny, lit. Modernized Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle) - an improvement of the original AK 47. While it might sound different than what you’d have expected, the AKM is pretty much the same as the AK 47 in other games – crazy damage with the cost of high recoil. 

Akm Pubg
AKM is best used as a sniping weapon

It takes a lot of practice to control the recoil of AKM, however, with great effort comes great results – the AKM can beat any other AR in a 1 vs 1 battle if you managed to hit your spray. In this article, we would focus on the gun’s characteristics, attachment setups and recoil control method. 

1 – Characteristics of the AKM 

Stats of AKM

Overall, the AKM has the slowest fire rate, shortest range, and lowest stability as drawbacks of its high damage. While you probably have to use the gun in full auto in short range, it is best to switch into single fire in medium – long range fights. In single mode, this gun is pretty much a makeshift sniper rifle, as the gun has the highest headshot damage out of all AR – you can kill an opponent with level 3 helmet after 2 headshots. 

2 – What attachment to equip on the AKM 

For the AKM, a compensator and a decent scope are a must, as you would probably use it in medium/long range sniping anyway. The compensator would decrease the recoil a little so that you would be able to combat in close quarters. 

3 – How to control the recoil of AKM 

You can control AKM’s trajectory by the drag-down method – dragging the free-look finger down slightly while shooting. This would effectively eliminate the vertical recoil of the weapon. 

Set a proper sensitivity setting and get a scope – 4x and 6x for middle/long range and Red Dot for close-range fights. Sensitivity settings for the AKM: No Scope: 80%, Red Dot/Holo/Aim Assist/2x: 60%, 3x: 36%, 4x: 20%, 6x: 18%, 8x: 8%. 

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