PUBG Mobile is a complete port of PUBG, the first game to make the battle royale genre become something mainstream. Between all the special mechanics like 100 players free for all, looting, dropping down from an airplane…. The most memorable thing that PUBG and PUBG Mobile have that other battle royales have to copy is the ever shrinking death zone or play circle. In this guide, we would go through the mechanics of PUBG Mobile Circle Prediction and all details related to it. There would also be a guide on how to use the circle to your advantage as well.

pubg mobile circle algorithm
PUBG Mobile Circle Algorithm: They are pretty random, and you can be killed because of your greed

1 – PUBG Mobile Circle Prediction: Understand the circles

To predict where the circle would hit, firstly, we need to understand how it works. In PUBG Mobile, there is a total of 8 circles. The diameter of each is approximately half as big as the previous circle. After the last circle expired, the play zone would shrink until there is nothing left.

pubg mobile circle damage
PUBG Mobile Circle Damage: A chart for the damage that the circles would deal

Circle one to four:

The first 4 circles deal very little damage – you can easily out-heal them with bandages and revive your fallen teammates without any trouble.

Circle five:

The first three circles would deal about 1 to 3 damage every second, based on how far you are from the safe zone. If you are too far away, only high tier items like Med Kit or First Aid Kit would be able to save you. It is pretty much impossible to revive a teammate if you are far enough, as they would probably die before they could use a healing item. However, if the distance to the safe zone is only a few hundred meters, your downed pal might still be able to live.

pubg mobile circle pattern
PUBG Mobile Circle Pattern: Don't bother saving your teammates in the sixth circle and later

Circle six:

This circle would deal a whopping 5 damage per second, almost doubled that of the previous circle. This renders downed players in the Blue Zone unrecoverable – as they would definitely die before the healing process is complete. Leave any downed teammates behind. First Aid Kits can still be used to heal while running – you have to use it when you are around 40-45 HP. Afterward, you would have 6 more seconds to run when you are at 75 health. Counting the damage tick on your health bar is the easier way to go, instead of counting seconds.

pubg mobile circle guide
PUBG Mobile circle guide: Everything are closing in - the final play area is super small

Circle seven:

This circle would deal seven damage per second – you would take 42 damage after finishing the activation of a First Aid Kit. You have about 4 seconds to run when you are at 75 HP. Most games would end with this circle.

pubg mobile circle damage
PUBG Mobile Circle Damage: The last circle would deal so much damage you can barely catch up using First Aid Kit

Circle eight:

The final circle. You won’t be able to see this circle most of the time unless it ends in the sea or a city area. You would take 11 damage for every second standing in the blue zone. There is also no timer for this one – the eighth circle would start to move after three minutes and shrink down to zero. You are dead as soon as you get stuck inside the zone – the only way to survive is to spam First Aid Kits constantly until the other players die or kill them in less than six seconds.

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2 – PUBG Mobile Circle Prediction: How to predict the safe zone?

Now, without further ado, let's get to the main part of the guide: how to guess the location of the next zone and take advantage of it. There are 2 rules you need to know:

  • The circle would almost never end in a water area
  • The center of each circle is random and changes constantly – it is not a good idea to camp at the same spot hoping the next one would be exactly there.
PUBG Mobile Circle Pattern
PUBG Mobile Circle Pattern: Try to follow the location of the drop crate to predict where the next circle would appear

To predict the next circle, you need to look at the path of the loot plane and where the drop lands. This would be your main clue. The center of the loot drops these planes give is very likely to be the central or near-central point for the next zone – especially for the final three zones.

pubg mobile circle icon
PUBG Mobile Circle icon: Consumables and boosts are your best friend

Because of this, when you are preparing to move for the zone, take a look at the loot drop and plan your moves based on that.

While there has been no official confirmation from Tencent about this trick, it has been spread around for quite a while in the Pro PUBG Players community. Do not confuse this with the Flare Gun drops, however, as these guns can be fired anywhere.

PUBG Mobile Circle Algorithm
PUBG Mobile Circle Algorithm: PUBG Mobile has even added a mode with 2 blue zones

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3 – PUBG Mobile Circle Prediction: How to escape from the circle

When using the above trick, it is best to not go outright for it – as in the mid game, the site is not safe at all. Most of the time, it would be used as a bait to set up an ambush for greedy players. Look around for a little bit first before going in.

pubg mobile circle prediction
PUBG Mobile Circle Prediction: Vehicles are the best way to escape the zone

If you are going to chase the circle, speed would be your primary objective. Make sure that a vehicle is available at hand – if you already have one, you can even pick up a gas can, just in case.

Boost items like Adrenaline Shots, Energy Drinks or Painkillers are your best friend. Their healing over time would either mitigate or remove the circle’s damage altogether. Their speed boosts would also help a lot if you are trying to get out of the circle without a car.

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