One of the most awaited game modes from PUBG PC’s Lab section, the “Safety Scramble” or PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode, has become a part of the Evo Ground section of the game on the 0.18.0 update. Currently, you can select the mode from the “PlayLab” tab in the maps select section. This “Safety Scramble” mode brings a weird twist to PUBG Mobile’s usual gameplay – there are 2 blue zones instead of 1. In this article, we would give you some of the best tips and tricks to conquer the two blue zones and get the chicken dinner.

Pubg Blue Hole Mode
PUBG Blue Hole Mode: It is important that you get to the edge of the inner zone as fast as possible with a vehicle

1 – What is PUBG Mobile Blue Hole mode?

In a usual PUBG Mobile game, everybody would be forced into the middle of the inner circle – land, loot, and camp for the whole duration of the match without moving anywhere. While this is the most efficient way to win, it is hardly something fun to watch. With a second “unsafe zone” spawned in the middle of the safe zone, squatters in the middle of the circle are now forced to move around. The second zone would also be an indicator of where the next circle would be.

how to play blue hole mode in pubg mobile
How to play Blue Hole Mode in PUBG Mobile: You have to use the terrain to your advantage - camp with your back on the edge of the zone and use the natural terrain to get a good hiding spot

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2 – Why was Blue Hole mode made?

Usually, PUBG Mobile’s gameplay would rely too much on luck. There was no way for players to predict where the next circle would spawn – and the ones who just happen to be in the next safe zone would have a massive advantage over the rest. Without having to move, you would be able to just camp while waiting for players to come from outside of the zone.

pubg blue hole mode
PUBG Blue Hole Mode: You can find a match by selecting the PlayLab section of the game

Overall, players would more often than not find themselves fighting against the ever shrinking zones than other players – as they would have to hoof it all the time to chase. This in turn would leave them out of position and at the mercy of their camper enemies.

3 – PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode Mechanics

An inner blue zone would spawn from the start of the game until the final phase. It would also be the same size/location as the next phase’s circle. No one would be able to camp inside that zone, as it deals heavy damage – the same as the next phase’s outer blue zone.

blue hole mode in pubg mobile
Blue Hole Mode in PUBG Mobile: Sometimes the play area is super small - it is best to avoid these choke points as you would have nowhere to run

Item Spawn Rate is 50% higher than the usual public matches. Revives are faster – it takes only 4 seconds to get your teammate back to their feet.

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4 – General strategy for the Blue Hole Mode

With a brand new zone spawned inside the safe zone, the total play area would be cut down even further, putting players with “survival” playstyle at risk. With more people roaming around on a smaller area, engagements are inevitable.

pubg mobile blue hole mode
PUBG Mobile Blue Hole Mode: Sometimes the zone would spawn at a pretty weird spot, limiting the play area even further.

However, the fact that the Blue zone is going to be the safe zone of next round must be used to your advantage – as soon as you completed looting at the beginning of the match, get to the edge of the blue zone as fast as possible and find a spot to camp. The edge would be the most advantageous position on the map now, as you can get into the new safe zone as soon as the next round starts. If you camp here, you would probably be able to catch a lot of people off-guard, along with getting a head start for the best positions in the next phase.

Overall, this mode would help aspiring squads to get familiar with the sizes and spawn locations of the safe zones so that they can predict them easier in their upcoming classic matches.

5 – What guns to use in PUBG Mobile Blue hole mode

With the combat revolving around skitting the edge of the zone as we have mentioned above, you should have a good idea of where to find enemy players on the map. With the mode only available on Erangel, mid and long range weaponry are the only thing you should be concerned about.

blue hole mode in pubg mobile
Blue Hole Mode in PUBG Mobile: Sniper rifles are still the best weapon in this mode, as it is played on Erangel

With this in mind, we can remove most of the weaker weapons like SMG or shotguns – Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG, and DMR would be the key here. About the specifics on what weapon to carry, well, it would depend on the exact location of your safe zone on the map. If there’s a choke point on the edge of the zone, a sniper rifle would be the best weapon. Against lots of covers, however, an AR would be the better tool. Overall, the Kar98k and M416 are the two best weapons in this mode, as you can get attachments for them pretty fast with the 50% increase in drop.

6 – Vehicles In Blue hole Mode

Vehicles in this mode are just as important – with a car, you can get yourself and your team into the zone faster and the thing would even serve as a makeshift barricade or cover afterward. Just do not be too greedy and try to use a vehicle to loot the blue zone, as the spawn rate of items is already 1.5 times more – you would have better luck outside of the zone.

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