PUBG Mobile is probably the most popular online multiplayer game in India and in order to get better in the game, sometimes skill alone is not enough. Connectivity issues are one of the most popular problems gamers usually have to face while playing. These issues might not actually be caused by the connection itself - there is a myriad of problems that can affect your ping. Some users with better connections are still getting above 100ms in some cases.

how to get lower ping in pubg mobile
How to get lower ping in PUBG Mobile to ensure a better gaming experience

We would list out some of the troubleshooting tips to answer the question of "how to get low ping in PUBG Mobile" in this following guide.

Below are the 8 common techniques that can cut down ping considerably while playing PUBG Mobile. The steps for them are quite simple - sometimes you don't even need root access to achieve the results. Some of these tricks might not be possible for a low-end device, however. Another thing that you need to take notice is that there are a lot of android phones from various manufacturers, so these settings might vary slightly - you might not be able to find the exact settings on your phone, but they should be similar and the method to access them should also be the same.

1 - How to get low ping in PUBG Mobile: Use a Native Game Booster

A lot of new smartphone models are coming out with built-in game boosters, designed to reduce your phone's background activities so that more resources would be focused on gameplay. These boosters can bring down latency, optimize the performance of the device to prioritize your phone's bandwidth for PUBG Mobile. They can also stop background applications from accessing networks if you play your cards right. In short: as long as you are able to control the background syncing, you would have lower ping on PUBG Mobile.

how to decrease ping in pubg mobile
How to decrease ping in PUBG Mobile: Use the inbuilt game booster

How to enable a Native Game Booster?

This varies from devices to devices - for example in a Xiaomi device, you can access Game Turbo settings on your phone by activating the Mi Security app. For OnePlus devices, Gaming Mode can be activated by going through Settings>Utilities>Gaming Mode. Devices from other manufacturers probably have similar ways to access the mode - if they are sufficiently advanced. Just surf inside your Settings page until you find something similar.

If your device does not have an inbuild game booster, it is possible to download some Game Booster App from the Play Store - while not as good as an inbuilt app, they should somewhat fix the pings in PUBG Mobile.

2 - How to get low ping in PUBG Mobile: Control your Wifi Settings

If you are playing PUBG Mobile on a decent Wireless network with good connection but your ping is still unnaturally high, you might want to configure your wifi settings manually. Open the Settings page of your phone and go to WiFi. In this section, you would need to look for Traffic Mode options and modify it to "Extreme Mode". All network resources would be re-routed to the currently running application - this might lead to lower ping eventually.

how to get lower ping in pubg mobile
How to get lower ping in PUBG Mobile: Use wifi speed mode

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3 - How to get lowest ping in PUBG Mobile: Disable background syncing of your phone

Applications on your phone would usually sync with the cloud for updated data, and that would cost resources. You can manually turn this off on any Android devices by opening Settings and going to Apps. In this section, you would need to select the unwanted app and tap on "Restrict data usage". Afterward, you would need to uncheck both Mobile data and WLAN\Wifi. "Battery Saver" settings to restrict background activities could be pretty useful as well.

how to get lowest ping in pubg mobile
How to get lowest ping in PUBG Mobile: Restrict background applications

4 - How to get low ping in PUBG Mobile: Make use of third-party tools

If these above steps do not work, a third-party tool could be a useful alternative. Amongst them, the GFX tool is a pretty popular app that the pros often used to stabilize their internet while playing games, as device performance is sometimes linked to connection stability as well. Use the GFX tool to reduce graphics to 720p, quality to low or medium, shadows and light effect disabled with GPU optimization turned on. Another app called Mobile Gaming Ping can be somewhat useful as well - the server-client connection can be improved with one button.

how to low ping in pubg mobile
How to low ping in PUBG Mobile: Use GFX tool

5 - How to get lower ping in PUBG Mobile: Change your server

Sometimes, due to the heavy demand, PUBG Mobile's servers can't keep up with the number of requests, which in turn leads to higher ping. In order to circumvent this, you can change into another server with a VPN. However, the usual free VPN would not do, as only the paid version would have decent connections. Because of this, the "change server" method rarely works.

how to reduce ping in pubg mobile emulator
How to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile emulator: Use VPN apps to change server

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6 - How to get low ping in PUBG Mobile: Manage Free Space in your device

If your smartphone storage space is full, it is very important to clean up your device to get some extra space to enable more smooth gameplay. There are a lot of apps that create gigabytes of cache memory without your knowing. Open Settings>Apps then clean the cache of suspicious applications to hopefully get a better performance

reduce ping in pubg mobile
Reduce ping in PUBG Mobile: Clear cache and data of the apps

7 - How to decrease ping in PUBG Mobile: Repair PUBG Mobile app

If everything fails, repairing PUBG Mobile's files might do the trick, as sometimes you just have to do a fresh reinstall to get the newest configurations. However, that would remove all your gaming config and custom controls so remember to back them up.

how to decrease ping in pubg mobile
How to decrease ping in PUBG Mobile: repair PUBG Files

8 - How to get low ping in PUBG Mobile: Get a 5Ghz Router

Nowadays, our home and workplaces are filled with smart devices that operate in the same 2.4GHz range - and this might make the frequency become congested, which leads to a reduction in latency. A 5Ghz router might be able to solve that issue.

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