The Cold Front Survival has come to PUBG Mobile a few days ago, bringing a whole new fresh air to the game with a new kind of survival gameplay with new items and elements such as Fire, Animal, Meat, Heater, and Drone. Drone in PUBG Mobile is one of the most awaited features in PUBG Mobile because it gives players the feeling of freedom to explore the game.

drone pubg
PUBG Drone came with the Cold Survival mode

Unlike the UAV drone in Call of Duty; Mobile, anyone can use Drone in PUBG Mobile as long as they can find the item. Players can freely use it and fly around freely however they want. However, the problem for many players who want to try the Drone is that they don't know where to find it. Vikendi is a reasonably big map with a size of 6x6 km. Furthermore, the Drone is not a common drop on the map so some unlucky players might haven't had a chance to try it yet.

Here in this article, we will show you the best 5 locations in the Cold Front Survival mode to find Drone in PUBG Mobile.

Top 5 Locations To Find Drone In PUBG Mobile

1. Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome is an abandoned rocket research facility located on the North of Vikendi. You cannot mistake this place for anywhere else in PUBG Mobile with the unfinished skyscraper building, a giant unlaunched rocket along with control centers and satellite dishes. This is a perfect place to find a PUBG Mobile Drone considering its background.

Cosmodrome In Pubg Mobile
Cosmodrome is an abandoned rocket research facility in Vikendi

If you want to try out Drone in PUBG Mobile then this is the number one place to go because you will guarantee to find one here as long as other players haven't taken it yet. There aren't many players who want to come to this place anyway. You will find a Drone in a box inside the broken skyscraper. It is really easy to find it as it is placed between 2 big spotlights.

drone In Pubg Mobile
You will find a box with 2 spotlights in the middle of the broken building

Inside the box, you will find a Drone, some Branch, a Heater, and a SCAR-L, a decent start to prepare for the coming snowstorm. Also, Cosmodrome is a very spacious place for you to test out the Drone right away and discover the giant building.

2. Podvosto

Podvosto is an old village near the river with buildings closed to each other. There is also a bridge nearby so you can get to the other side of the village. You will be able to find a drone in a house in this town. There is also a lot of loot in this place for you and your Squad to loot and prepare for the first snowstorm without having to go anywhere else. You should expect to have a fight with another team here as this place is quite popular.

Podvosto Pubg Mobile
Podvosto is a small riverside village near the center of Vikendi

3. Villa

Villa is a big hotel located in the middle of Vikendi. The place is quite small but has a lot of loot, making it one of the hottest drops on Vikendi for many players. You will almost always have to fight to survive and loot at this place, and maybe that is the reason why you can guarantee to find a Drone here the same as at Cosmodrome. you will find a box with 2 spotlights in the middle of the yard at Villa. You will find a Drone, a Heater, 5 Branch, a Med Kit, an M249.

drone in pubg
You can easily find the box in the middle of the yard in Villa

4. Goroka

Goroka is a big lakeside town near the center of Vikendi. It is placed next to Mount Kreznic and the lake near the own is frozen. You can access the town by walking through the lake, but it is a large open space that can be very dangerous with ambushes.

pubg drone
Goroka is another place to find Drone in PUBG Mobile and to prepare for the first snowstorm

You will be able to find a Drone here on a building on the right side of the town. But the same as Podvosto, there is a high chance that you will have to fight for it considering how many advantages this place has.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops are the last and also one of the most reliable ways to get a Drone in PUBG Mobile. Each game of PUBG Mobile will have a maximum of 5 airdrops. As long as you keep your eyes open for the plane and prepare a vehicle, you should be able to get easily before other players. Of course, there is a chance that you will encounter other players at the dropping points so be careful.

pubg drone
You can find a Drone in PUBG Mobile in airdrops

You will find in the airdrops usual items such as the Ghillie suits, a crate weapon, Lv3 Helmet, Armor, Backpack, and a bonus Drone, Heater.

How to use Drone in PUBG Mobile

Once you have acquired a Drone from one of the places above, go to your backpack to find the Drone and press Use. After that, you will be switched the Drone view PUBG Mobile in the first-person perspective or third-person perspective. On the screen, you will find numbers that indicate the Distance, Power, Health, Height, Speed. You can use the left joystick to control the direction of the Drone and the Ascend and Descend button on the right to control the height.

drone pubg
You can see the information about the Drone while using it

Tips and tricks for Drone in PUBG Mobile:

  • Notice that the Drone has 1000 Health, which is a lot but not invulnerable. That means you can take down the Drone of other players and vice versa.
  • You will be completely still while controlling the Drone so you should only it while staying in a safe place.
  • The Drone can fly a few hundred meters away from you but has a maximum height of 50 meters.
  • You can only control the Drone for a total of 5 minutes, indicated by the Power number.

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