It was great news for PUBG Mobile in India when Fnatic picked up Team X, one of the best PUBG Mobile team in India last year. It proved that players in India are good enough for big international organizations to invest in. And then a few months ago, Team SoloMid also took part in the scene and supported team Entity Gaming. Now, Fnatic is ready to make another investment into the PUBG Mobile scene in India with the Fnatic Rise program.

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Fnatic was the first big international organization to pick up a PUBG Mobile team in India

According to their announcement on social media, team Blind is going to be recruited and play as Fnatic Rise in the future based on their recent performance. Team Bind has been playing really well in the PMCO as well as recent tournaments. But Fnatic is also looking for other teams and players who might fit the brand. Nothing has been signed or decided yet so far.

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Team Bind will be playing as Fnatic Rise in the near future thanks to their performance in the PMCO and other tournaments

Fnatic Rise program is based on a previous program known as Fnatic Rising. It is meant to launch around this time next month with the aim to find talented players who fit with the current situation of Fnatic at the moment and in the future. The program can last up to 8 months so they can find their perfect roster and officially make them a part of Fnatic. Currently, they are only inviting players, but they will extend the program bigger in the future.

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This Fnatic Rise program of Fnatic will develop more in the future

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