PUBG Corporation was going to invest heavily in the Esports scene of the game with four PGS Lan Events in May, June, and August, and November held across four regions with a 2 million prize pool. However, they have decided to scrap its planned LAN tournament PUBG Global Series altogether for fear of the COVID-19 pandemic and the logistical problems that came with it. All teams that qualified for the tournament would be rewarded twenty thousand dollars each. The event that is going to replace the PGS is an online tournament called PUBG Continental Series 2020.

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PUBG Global Series would now be reduced to Continental Level

Now there are only going to be 3 online tournaments instead of 4 - looks like PUBG Corps. still hoped to hold the final one, the Grand Championship, as a LAN event. The three PCS online tournaments would be held in May, June, and August, with a 2.4 million prize pool.

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All the following teams that qualified for the PGS: Berlin would be compensated

The first tournament taking place next month would be the PUBG Continental Series Charity Showdown. Prize money for each of the four regions would be one hundred thousand dollars and an additional one hundred thousand would be donated to a charity of the winner's choosing. This results in a combined prize and donation pool of eight hundred thousand across four regions. PCS events in June and August would have twice the prize money - 200k for each region. In all these events, there would be a prediction challenge in which fans can guess which team would take the crown - correct predictions would net them items and give more money to the winning team.

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The pandemic was a heavy blow that affects all LAN tournaments

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