Update 7.1 of PUBG is going to bring back Vikendi to the map pool with a brand new look. There will be a new train, a new sniper rifle to compete with Kar98 and one more thing that most people don't know, a new secret tunnel.

Vikendi was the first map in PUBG to have a secret tunnel. In the old Vikendi, the secret tunnel was a rock tunnel, which you have to use a Grenade to open it up. It was one of the most favorite places for many players. Now this place has been removed but there will be a new secret tunnel in the new map.

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The secret cave in the old Vikendi

The new tunnel is placed in a place that most people don't want to land on, the Cargo Depot. Since there is almost no loot in this place, most people don't bother coming here. But there is an underground tunnel underneath it. The door to this tunnel is masked as cargo crates. There is a total of 3 doors. In order to find these doors, you need to look for red cargo crates lying on the ground, go near them and see if the button F appears or not.

The door is masked as a red cargo crate in Cargo Depot

The structure of the tunnel is fairly simple. It has 2 floors. The first floors are where the loot lie. You can easily find a sniper, an SMG, an assault rifle, a shotgun here with Lv 2 armor and helmet which is quite enough for Solo, but won't be enough for a Squad. The last floor is a small room with a TV and a sofa with no loot at all.

The last floor is some kinds of safe bunker for bosses

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