Fan of the snow-covered map Vikendi of PUBG can rejoice - based on a new teaser trailer, the map will return at the end of April 2020. Unlike other battle royale games, PUBG has been periodically adding more maps to spice up the usual Erangel battle royale gameplay. The added maps vary - they took inspirations from various locations all over the world from the deserts of Miramar to Sanhok's jungle and Karakin's hills.

None of those locations were perfect upon release - they have to undergo massive changes and revision to reach the level of polish that they have today. Erangel and Miramar were overhauled - and looks like Vikendi's turn are about to be completed.

The new and improved map of Vikendi 2.0

The trailer above is titled Seven, a reference to the fact that this is the sixth season of the game is about to end. It first begins with a hallway that's slowly zoomed down... closer and closer to a screen filled with static. As the camera changes, various phrases like "horrible tragedy", "dino land" and "historic" can be heard through the noises. Afterward, the screen fades into a shot of PUBG's logo, along with the sound of an oncoming train. A lot of efforts were put into this trailer, similar to the previous teaser for Erangel's backstory.

The trains would be a unique feature on the map

In this season, it is expected that more light will be shed into the horrible tragedy at Dino Park and its eventual destruction. Areas like the roller coaster and the hedge maze would be changed - with the roller coaster becoming a working ride. This is not the only moving rail vehicle on the map, however - there would be trains across the Vikendi map. This is actually one of the boldest move yet of the developers - as battle royales with their slowly shrinking maps are incompatible with the train system, which runs through fixed locations. Early playtesters described the trains as "fun but ridiculous".

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