PUBG’s second map Miramar could be a tough challenge to players who are not familiar with it. Comparing to Erangel, Miramar almost looks like a no man’s land. Our guide will tell you all about this desert wonderland – with tips and tricks on how to rule over it.

Here are the strategies that would definitely help you on your next time visiting Miramar.

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The map of Miramar


Basic details about Miramar – PUBG’s desert map

Miramar is much bigger than Erangel, and you should always take that into consideration. It is best to change your drop locations based on how and where the other 99 players are dropping out.

The route of the plane is also something that you have to keep in mind. As the map is way bigger than Erangel, you probably cannot reach your desired location on time if you landed not close enough to it. Therefore, players usually will drop in a linear route along with the plane and then try to make their way to the inner circle. To deal with this problem, planning ahead is key. You should take notes of important locations and change it as you land into the desert. Miramar is a lot more barren, the opposite of Erangel. You won’t find much foliage as covers there, however, there are a lot more hills to replace it.

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Scattered camps in the desert

It’s a common rule in PUBG that there would be enemies wherever the loots are placed. Larger villages and towns plus clusters of buildings are where the best loot, along with the biggest number of enemies, would be in. To counter that, you would have to plan your move ahead of time – if you are getting there first, don’t be too greedy and grab everything. Sometimes it is best to set up an ambush for others with the spare items.

Where to get the best loot in Miramar

Similar to Erangel, the best places that you could find loot are those with highlighted names on the map. Other far-flung places would sometimes yield a few good items, but the only way to be certain about getting some good military-grade guns is to infiltrate those huge complexes. Pick up a weapon as soon as possible because hostiles are going to be on your tail soon enough. Below are some of the most popular looting spots in the desert map:

Campo Militar – The Military Complex of this map, filled with the most powerful guns in the world of PUIBG. It is certainly one of the most dangerous locations to drop in, but if you can leave it with your life intact, the chicken dinner is pretty much in the bag.

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El Pozo, one of the best loot location

Hacienda Del Patron – Rough translation for “the boss’s house”. It has a lot of good weapons, just like the Campo Militar above, but is way smaller. Expect rough resistance as soon as you land. Dozens of naked players running around trying to grab guns is not a rare thing in this location.

Los Leones – One of the biggest areas on Miramar, Leones is a huge complex consists of tall buildings, small alleys and unfinished concrete buildings. All those structures are also filled to the brim with decent weapons and equipment. However, due to the size of the zone, it would take you quite awhile to clean the whole thing out. Furthermore, you should be vary of resistances lurking inside those compounds.

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The water plant - a popular zone for contest

Minas Generales is not somewhere players would consider being a decent starting position due to its location on the map. However, if you are landing on it, take a look under the large water tower. There should be quite an amount of quality gear hidden under it.

Pecado is the casino complex with an assorted amount of building surrounding it. Be ready to fight before dropping there because you would probably get into a fight right after landing.

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Pecado, a town located in the middle of the zone

Prison is a big area with great loots and not much competition. Due to its location on the edge of the map, you would need a vehicle to access it quickly. Try to grab everything nearby and speed out of there before the next circle happens.

There are a few obscure places that are worth considering like the Mining facility and Valle Del Mar. They both located on the edge of the map and it is pretty risky to attempt to loot there. The same thing as the Prison can be said about them: they are too far and you would be more concerned with trying to escape from that area rather than loot. The risk of getting bridge-camped while escaping is also pretty high.

Try to avoid the blue zone.

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Chumacera, another hotly contested zone. There isn't much loot there however

Completely different from Erangel’s, the blue zone is one of the biggest challenges in Miramar. Due to the fact that the terrain is filled with hills plus the bigger map size, a lot less time would be given to the player for looting. That means dropping on the edge of the map is not a viable option most of the time, while a central drop would get you focused by a lot more people. Because of that, Miramar is much harder.

It is also worth noting that when you are running away trying to avoid instant death, there would be people camped waiting to ambush. That situation is one of the more common ways for people to die on this map. Skilled players would grab a rifle, a scope, and lying prone on a bridge somewhere to get easy kills. This strategy is very risky but yields high rewards, with easy pickings running straight into your line of fire.

Working with Vehicles in Miramar

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Crossing the desert using vehicles

Due to the bigger size of the map, vehicles in Miramar are constantly in need of fuel. If you are planning on using any vehicles, try to take any gas available nearby. Despite being heavy and spaces consuming, those fuel cans ensure that you will not be running out of fuel while escaping. Below is the detailed list of the vehicles available in Miramar:

Buggy is a two-seater. If you like to drive those things, try to get the dune buggies since they are designed for this terrain. You would have a much easier time driving those comparing to a real car. Buggy also offers a lot of protection than the usual dirt bike.

Motorcycle – the classic vehicle that fits two people. Despite its speed, a motorbike is really fast and hard to control. It also has no protection.

Motorcycle with sidecar – same as the one above but even harder to control. Can you believe that? Seats 3 people.

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The water treatment plant, a decent looting location

Pickup – fits four people, provide more protection and the cost of fuel.

Van – super slow and hard to control but with the ability to fit six people on it. Offer good protection.

PG-117 and Aquarail – not recommended as there is next to no water on the map. The PG 117 can offer some protection if you are in a pinch.

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Make use of the structures to set up an ambush

Driving in this kind of terrain is something that you will not enjoy, but have to do anyway. The sandy nature plus all the hills would prevent you from going anywhere with speed. The usual situation that you would definitely find yourself in is escaping the blue zone on a random bike. There is a simple method that you could probably use to get around that problem – just get as far as possible, drop the bike and run. Should you need to use it again, be careful of snipers.

Beware of snipers

The best strategy in Miramar is sniping – you can say the whole map is designed around it. You can either hide in crags between the rocks or pitching a tent, preferably on the highest hill that you could find. With the big size of the map, you will probably not see much action, but enemies won’t be able to detect your presence either.

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Sniping is the name of the game

Some weapon is more suited for ambushing hostiles than others. Due to the nature of the map, only rifles are remotely useful, with sniper rifles being the most contested. If you are able to get your hand on a 4x scope, try to make the most of it by combining with a rifle. Silencers and suppressors are nice to have, but in this map, they are not that vital to your survival. Other weapons like SMGs, Shotguns and the bow & arrows are useless because players would probably spend the most time outdoor in this map.

Surprise ambushes are more common than you might think

The hilly structure of Miramar can be used to anyone’s advantage – you can even hide in plain sight. The most common trick that people would use is lurking next to some point of interests like a vehicle or a drop crate, waiting for some poor sod to stumble upon the line of fire.

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Setting up some ambushes

There are next to no fauna or shrubs on the desert, so moving from cover to cover is not a viable strategy anymore. The most common covers you could find would probably be the sparse crags between the hills. Those provide some decent cover and are somewhere you should always check when passing a location.

These are all the tips that we could provide for Miramar in order to get you your deserved chicken dinner. Good luck, commander.