Recently, PUBG Lite was released in India to satisfy fans who don't have sufficient PC to run the Steam version. People were extremely happy because PUBG Lite look much better than PUBG Mobile on PC and the same competitiveness as the original game.

However, PUBG Mobile has its own merit, as players can play the game anytime, anywhere, especially with the new 4vs4 Team Death Match mode.

And, they didn't forget that there are still a number of people who still want to play PUBG Mobile but can't just change their phone to play the game, which is why they are giving us PUBG Mobile Lite. Today, Tencent has officially release PUBG Mobile Lite in India after spending a long time testing the game in the Philippines.

Each match will be quicker and more intensive

PUBG Mobile Lite will only require 2GB of RAM along with 400MB of free storage, which means almost any budget smartphone on the market at the moment can play the game easily. The map is much smaller than a standard PUBG map with a size of 2x2 km. Each match only lasts on average for about 10 minutes, which is perfect when you only want to kill time for a while. Each game consists of 60 players, increased from 40 players as in the latest update. Three new locations were also recently added to the map with the enhanced aim assist and the ability to heal while moving.

You get almost the same experience as PUBG Mobile

As the game is meant for low-end devices, you will see that the graphics will not be as good as PUBG Mobile. Also, the game is only having 2 modes, Classic and Arcade, at the moment with one map and no first-person-perspective. Moreover, the sever options are limited to Asia and South America only. Nonetheless, if you are restricted by your hardware limitation, PUBG Mobile Lite is your best option for you for now.

The map is only 2x2 km

You can download the game now on Google Play Store or download the APK file directly from the official PUBG Mobile Lite site here.