For those who are not familiar with this game, PUBG Lite is a lighter of PUBG for weak PCs and is now currently in Beta stage for dozen of countries, including India. In my last review for PUBG Lite, I mentioned that while the game has the mechanic and physics as PUBG, the developer also implements some of PUBG Mobile gameplay improvements like showing gun sound direction on the mini-map or auto-attach into the game.

In fact, some gameplay features even appeared in PUBG Lite before they came to PUBG, such as choosing the default firing mode for each type of guns. It's clearly that the PUBG Lite team is trying their best to utilize PUBG Lite gameplay first. And they proved that with the recent announcement of the upcoming update.

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PUBG Lite is the perfect option for people with weak PCs

PUBG Lite announced on their official website that the servers are going to be under maintenance on July 18 for the next update of the new Radio Message system.

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The Radio Message system is coming to PUBG Lite

The Radio Message system is one of the highlights in the recent #30 Update in PUBG. With this system, players will get to deliver most of the necessary messages to their teammate without being stopped by the language barrier. There are a total of 8 messages which are "Thank You," "Negative," "Affirmative," "Copy That," " Need Med," " ENEMY SPOTTED!," " Sorry," "Need Ammo," "Need Backup" with a PING for various purposes.

PUBG Lite is mostly available in Asia and Middle East countries where most people are not very good at English, causing a lot of communication problems. This new feature is just the perfect solution for this matter.

Flare Gun was added to the game

In other news, PUBG Lite added Flare Gun to the game but with the Armored UAZ as the reward instead of the BRDM-2. However, as the developer wants this game to be more like "the PUBG STEAM version," we'll expect to see new changes in no time.