In a post on PUBG Lite subreddit, a user named "KhalidBenraiss" complaint that he got banned because of "an unauthorized device," which apparently was his mouse. It seems that the system thought that he was using macros to reduce recoil automatically.

A user got banned because of his mouse.

What is Macro?

Macro is a very popular term in the gaming world, especially in FPS games. Macro is a sequence of events ( such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, with a set timing) that can be played back using only a key or a mouse button. This feature is meant to help people doing repetitive tasks or replay a complex sequence.

How Macro is abused in FPS games

A lot of modern mice has the Macro function

One of the most difficult skill to obtain in most FPS games like CS:GO and PUBG is to control the recoil of the weapon when spraying. The only way to control the recoil is to counter its pattern with your mouse. However, this skill requires a lot of practice and precision. In some game like PUBG, the recoil pattern is random, so it is even harder to master this skill. That why some people use Macro to counter the spray pattern and achieve the impossible precision. Of course, this is not fair at all, which is why Macro is considered cheat in FPS games.

PUBG Lite ban mice that have "no-recoil" function

Oftenly, Macro is really hard to detect because this function does not interfere with the game file or the server in any way. PUBG Lite has come to the solution that they will HWID ban mice and hardware vendors, which means if you use the mouse that is on their ban list, you will not be able to enter the game. If you try to enter the game multiple time with the banned hardware, your account will be banned permanently.

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This mouse has all kinds of preset for each gun

So far, these are the mice we know that have been banned: Glorious Model O, Hoopson GT900, Havit MS760, Team Wolf AT-802. Apparently, the OEM(original equipment manufacturer) of these mice has used PUBG in their marketing without permission and includes a side button that has PUBG written on it, which seems to be the "no-recoil" button. The Team Wolf AT-802 mouse even has several presets on it which can be enabled without any software. So if you are looking for a mouse to play PUBG, make sure to stay away from these mice.