The famous battle royale title PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been on the ban list of many countries right now. We can name some of the most popular one: India, China, Iraq, and Nepal.

And it seems that Jordan also wants to jump on this banned-wagon, too, as its has announced its new regulation on PUBG.

PUBG is banned in Jordan

Yesterday, Jordanian outlets have brought readers with a not-so-fun piece of news: The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC for short) has introduced its ban on the most popular battle royale game - PUBG. The TRC also revealed the reasons behind this regulation, and it was mainly due to the World Health Organization's regard PUBG as a violent game.

Pubg Banned In Jordan Fortnite Next 2
Jordan's government has caught PUBG in its sight

To be more specific, the Jordanian authorities have taken the study of WHO into consideration. And as the study has found that playing PUBG might lead to addiction and more violent on children, the government has decided that PUBG needs to stay away from the land.

This ban has taken effect on Thursday, July 4. So, if you're receiving a huge "You've been banned" message on your screen, it might not be the results of your hacking behaviors. I might still be, but it doesn't matter anymore since you'll be banned anyway.

Pubg Banned In Jordan Fortnite Next 2
Jordanian gamers will have to wait for a while to play PUBG again

With the case of Jordan, it seems like more and more countries will join this trend in the future.

But don't be feel desperate yet, Jordanian gamers! Remember, previously, Nepal and India has already been reconsidering their ban, and India has made the game available again in some regions. And with further investigation from the government, we may see PUBG getting unbanned in the future!

Pubg Banned In Jordan Fortnite Next 3
Please unban PUBG!

By that time, what we should do is to maintain our healthy gaming hobbies!

Fortnite might be the next one

The regulation on PUBG ban is not the most shocking news. What's even more bizarre is that there will be six other titles to follow PUBG to head to this list. And the most outstanding contestant on this list is definitely Fortnite Battle Royale.

Pubg Banned In Jordan Fortnite Next 1
Will Fortnite to be next one to get into this list?

We don't know exactly when Fortnite will get out of the shelves in Jordan. However, we know for sure that the developer is not going to just stand there watching.

Previously, Tencent - the publisher of PUBG in China has amended its game to make it pass China's government. Specifically, it has removed the violent factors in the game. Tencent has replaced PUBG with another friendlier version called 'Game for Peace'. In this replica, when a player's HP hit zero, he will bow down, drop his wooden chest out, and wave to say goodbye.

Pubg Banned In Jordan Fortnite Next 2
Game for Peace is the less violent version of PUBG

Overall, the gameplay hasn't changed in this replacement, but the wave might make players feel silly. Furthermore, it might drop the serious and fierce atmosphere of the battleground. However, it has succeeded to get the game out officially in exchange, so that's fine enough for Tencent.

That's a wise move from the publisher, and Epic should be learning something about it before it's too late!