As the first worldwide successful battle royale game, PUBG has become the classic game of its own genre. However, the game requires a high demand for hardware that not everyone can afford. Later on, PUBG Mobile came out to fill the need of people who want to play PUBG anytime, anywhere and people with a weak PC. It seems that PUBG has covered all the market segment. However, there is something that doesn't quite add up. While PUBG Mobile can be played on weak PCs, the quality and the physics of the game isn't the same as the original one. That why PUBG Lite was born, to fill the gap between PUBG and PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile does not quite meet the expectation of PC gamers

PUBG Lite was originally called PUBG Project Thai and was changed to PUBG Lite later on. The PUBG team promised that this game "is aiming to be more like the PUBG STEAM version, the core element of PUBG," and they proved it in the beta stage.

What should you expect from PUBG Lite?

As I mentioned, PUBG Lite offers players an authentic experience of PUBG, but that is not all. The game also implemented many features from PUBG Mobile, making the playing experience much more comfortable.

If you just moved from PUBG Mobile to PUBG Lite, you might find it a little hard to control the recoil or deal with the realistic physics and stimulation. However, the game is absolutely beautiful when compared with PUBG Mobile. It looks like they have found the sweet spot in between.

Pubg Lite New Skins Pubg Lite Live Stream India 1
You can see the gun sound direction on the minimap

PUBG Mobile has to drastically reduce the recoil along with a load of features that assist players since it's a mobile game, making computer players feel a little bit less challenging when playing the game on the emulator. PUBG Lite on the other hand, while aiming for the competitiveness of PUBG, the game still keep some useful features of PUBG Mobile like showing the direction of the gun sound and footsteps sound on the minimap or mark the location of the car you drove, auto-attach equipment,... Also, each round, you will get a notification of how much BP point you have earned by surviving. All these little things make the game much more pleasant while not being too unbalanced.

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The graphics are wonderful when compared to PUBG Mobile

The movement of the character is impressive and realistic. The game updated all the guns that PUBG is currently having, including the flare gun. And like all PUBG game, you have a shop that you can buy skins. Now, this is where PUBG Lite does much better than the other two versions. PUBG Mobile has too many microtransactions and forces players to grind for billions of missions every day while PUBG gives players almost no meaningful item in the shop to buy with BP. PUBG Lite, on the other hand, gives a fair amount of BP every match and you can use them to buy weapon skins, clothes directly from the store instead of opening loot boxes and get the same trash every time. The game also has a Survivor Pass and daily login reward that give you more free items for playing.

Image 13 1023x451
There are many items that can purchase directly by BP

As for the graphics, with the Ultra setting, the game looks great while you will still notice that they cut down some lighting effect and texture of few objects. The graphics are not on par with standard 2019 game but it is still a big step up from PUBG Mobile. With the Very Low setting, what you will get is not that much different from PUBG Mobile in the lowest setting, but that is the best your hardware can give you.

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PUBG Lite still give you the Armored UAZ instead of the BRDM-2

As for the limitations, this game is not quite up to date as PUBG. It lacks many balance updates such as you can still find Lv 3 Helmet on the map or the Ledge Grab feature, Deagle,... etc and I find the looting process is not as smooth as PUBG. Also, you will find a lot of bots in Solo and Duos mode so I advise you to play Squad if you are not new to the game.


Pubg Lite Ultra Graphics Gtx 1050ti 4gb 7 53 Scree
PUBG Lite is the best offer you can get with limited hardware

As a person who played PUBG and PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite truly surprised me with the perfect mix of the gameplay from PUBG and PUBG Mobile. The graphics are good and the physics is amazing. In addition, the game is absolutely free to play. So if you are battle royale fan, PUBG Lite is a must-have game that you cannot miss.