The famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is well known for being available on both PC and mobile platform. Although they are both PUBG, this game on the PC platform and on the mobile platform has so many differences, thus raising a lot of questions from newcomers of the game: What are the differences between PUBG mobile vs PC.

In this article, we will talk about some obvious differences (besides the fact that PUBG mobile is free, while PUBG PC will cost you $30 dollars on Steam). Hopefully, this article can help you to decide what version of PUBG that suits you the most.

Number one: Graphics

The number one difference between PUBG mobile and PUBG pc is obviously the graphics. Everybody can see this, of course. PUBG on mobile is the low-end graphics version of the game because it is designed for the standard specs of smartphones all over the world, which is quite low. This version of PUBG can hardly achieve more than 480p resolution.

Graphics of PUBG mobile

Meanwhile, the PUBG version on PC will offer a much smoother gaming experience than the mobile version of the game. With higher specs that smartphones, PC can handle bigger processing workload, and the most obvious result in the graphics level of the game. On PC, PUBG can run somewhere like 720p or 1080p.

Graphics of PUBG PC
Graphics of PUBG PC

Number two: Interior Designing between PUBG mobile vs PC

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Design in the houses between PUBG mobile vs PC

This should be listed in the number one difference, but since this difference is so huge that we decide to list as the second aspect. There is not much design effort inside the houses in PUBG mobile. Doors, rooms, walls of the game in the mobile platform are pretty normal, even you can call that design extremely basic and we still agree with you. On the other hand, interior design in PUBG PC is much more detailed, with a lot of additional decoration on walls and doors. Big rooms in PUBG on PC are even divided into numerous smaller rooms.

Number three: Game Updates between PUBG mobile vs PUBG PC

PUBG updates patches
PUBG updates patches

Updates for online battle royale are one of the key factors that keep the loyal players playing the game, as well as attract more new players. Both PUBG mobile and PUBG PC have updates released regularly, but the sizes of updates patches are the main difference between PUBG pc vs mobile. With the base game about 1,6GB, an update patch of PUBG mobile normally stands at more than 1GB. In the meantime, an update patch for PUBG PC can be bigger than 10GB, considering the base game has already taken 19GB of your PC memory.

Number four: Training Camps of PUBG PC vs mobile

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Camp Jackal in PUBG PC

As the size of the game is much bigger in PUBG PC than in the mobile version of the game, Camp Jackal is also much bigger on PC than on mobile. This means you can practice your driving skill much easier on PC than on mobile

Number five: Guns' Recoil between PUBG mobile vs PUBG PC

Controlling the recoiling of guns in PUBG on mobile is much easier than in PUBG on PC. Even guns with hard to control recoil like AKM, DP-28, M416, you can master their recoils with not much practice. However, you will face huge difficulty while trying to control the guns’ recoil in PUBG PC. Pro gamers of PUBG mobile even face troubles mastering the guns’ recoil in PUBG PC.

Number six: No Footprints and bots in PUBG PC

PUBG mobile gamers usually have a much easier gaming experience than players of PUBG on PC because there are footprints of the enemies in the mobile version game, while the PC version of the game does not have this feature. This feature is certainly useful for players to track down their enemies. PUBG PC does not have this feature, so players have to wear headphone to track down the enemies with sound.

Footprint in PUBG mobile

Enemies are easier for PUBG gamers on mobile because there are bots in the matches. These bots are not available on PUBG PC, of course, so PC gamers of this game will have to try much harder to get the chicken dinners.

Bots in PUBG mobile