PUBG's Erangel Map, the base map of the game - is still the most popular one for a great many reasons. Players might have already figured out every nook and crannies but there are still many more ways to be discovered and use those to your advantage. Comparing to the other maps like Miramar or Sanhok, Erangel offers a much bigger playable ground. In other words, this is a big map that comes with lots of routes, hundreds of loot spots and ambush, and dozens of enemies to eliminate. You can either go in gun blazing or camping behind a rock, your choice.

As Erangel’s a large map built up of many different locales, it can be pretty confusing to form a clear strategy to loot places or approach location. This article would provide you with tips for some of the most popular strategies that you could use to deal with the situation.

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Erangel map

Here’s a list of the best places to score some types of equipment when you’ve just landed:

Pochinki - Located at the center of the map, with mazes upon mazes of houses, great loots and lots of rivals. If you manage to get out of it alive, you would be able to loot pretty much everything.

Lipovka - Usually out of the way and very quiet, getting to this place is depends on the flight path, it's far from the center of the map where players usually spawn.

The Church - a great location to loot

Mylta Power - on the edge of the flight path with top level loot in the main building and surrounding warehouses. You might need a vehicle to get there, however.

Small Mylta Power - top tier loots but with a smaller number - better for duos than squads

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Military Base - Highly contested area with the best loot on the map. And it is right under the flight path as well. Proceed with caution and expect high resistance from enemy players.

Georgopol Crates -north of the mountain and south of the river, this is a very hot area that you would probably get under attack constantly. Your best chance is to get there early on a vehicle, and even that is really tricky since you would be fully exposed on the top to get the best loot possible.

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Prison, Mansion, and Bunker - good quality, a great amount of squad sized loot. If you can get there safely, that is. When they are under the flight path, those would be your top priority to get to.

Large towns - the likes of Novoreponye, Lipovka, Rozhok, Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, Georgopol, Primorsk, and Severny are also decent loot boxes. Aim for big buildings like a church or restaurant. Be careful of ambushes since there are a lot of blind spots.


Where to land on the map is very important. It's better to complete your looting before the enemies are on your back, and that would come down to both luck and skill. The largest areas are prone to be the places with the most weapons and types of equipment to loot. With a large amount of building included in those areas, it is very likely that you would be able to find great weapons.

If you are a skilled player and up for some action, that might be the best area to aim for. Still, survival is the most important part of the game - as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the area, the more people would be homing on it. It is in the nature of humans to focus on the big red target.

Landing on populous sites is just asking for trouble and if you are not confident in your ability to fight multiple foes, an immediate change of strategy is advised. If that is not your thing, you might want to aim for the unpopular spots like mansion or prison to get less attention from other players - their drops while cannot be compared to the more popular spots, are still usable.


The flight path of the plane is an important part that needs to be well-calculated. The angle of the parachute, the gliding distance, and your intended location. A rookie mistake is to spend too much time in the air and pass the intended landing place, therefore waste a lot of time.

A popular tactic is to pick a remote location with a high chance for a vehicle to be spawned.  Hop in and drive to the nearest location with drops - even 5 or 7 minutes earlier than other players would be worth it.

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You can also drop right at the coast then work your way inland as you go. With your back to the sea, you would only have to defend from incoming attacks on one side. This strategy would definitely work if you are a newer player and do not want to be killed by blind spots. Those locations are also pretty unpopular so you would get less attention that way.

The best weapon to use in this map is sniper rifles and DMRs. Its a big map with a large distance to be covered - players would be fully in the open most of the time. Avoid SMGs and LMGs, they are for close combat in houses. A good sniper could probably be picked up a lot of targets without giving away his position.