Just a few days after the big #30 updates, PUBG released their own Survivor's Guide, introducing the basic elements of the game.

PUBG was the first battle royale game to gain worldwide success. However, over time, other battle royale games like Fornite or Apex Legend started to emerge and took the crown. Part of the reason was that a PUBG match is long and the map is huge. For instance, the first map of PUBG, Erangel had a size of 8km x 8km, which often frustrates new players. That is why PUBG is introducing their own Survivor's Guide to walk newbies through all the basic features of the game and familiarize them with the concept of battle royale and PUBG's unique survival experience.

The guide will cover all the basic of the game

You can find PUBG Survivor's Guide on Official Global Website PUBG.com menu. PUBG Survivor's Guide is currently featuring gameplay, weapon, map, control sections and will be updated gradually in the future across several phases.

- The Gameplay section includes a series of 3 videos which will guide players through the basic of the game and will be expanded in a few weeks.

- The Weapon section introduces the list of all weapons in PUBG with their magazine size and ammo type for now. More detail about each weapons' damage and bullet drop graphs will be updated later.

- The Map section shows off all the maps of PUBG with the location of hot areas of each battleground. More information will be added to this section in the future using in-game data.

- The Control section shows the default control setting of PUBG for PC, Xbox One and PS4 along with a Video Guide.

Each map will have its own introduction

For now, the Survivor's Guide only has English and Korean versions. More language support will be added later for players all around the world.

There has been a lot of information on the internet by the community

PUBG launched on Steam's Early Acess in 2017, which is 2 years ago. So introducing an official guide seems a little bit too late now while there have been tons of experiments and guides done by players. However, we should still give PUBG the recognition for their effort to boost the game up in term of players count and skill levels. It shows that the developers still care about the community and that they still want to push the game further.