PUBG Lite is a less graphics-intensive version of PUBG with the same mechanic and free to play. For that reason, players in India have been yearning for this game forever.

While PUBG Lite has opened the pre-registration for India recently with many rewards. However, they didn't answer the one question that everyone is dying to know, when will PUBG Lite launch in India? The pre-registration ends on 04 July 2019, so one can only speculate that the game will open sometime after that.

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PUBG Lite is the perfect option for anyone with a weak PC

However, the release date of the game has been leaked unofficially on a pre-look PUBG Lite stream.

Over the last few days, PUBG Lite has been collaborating with Game Connect to stream PUBG Lite on Youtube to give players a peek at the game. During one pre-look PUBG Lite stream of Rakazone, a viewer asked him about the official launch date and Rakazone simply replied, "11th of July." Considering the reputation of Rakazone as the "Streamer Of The Year 2018" and the confirmation of his fellow PUBG streamer Hydraflicks on this matter, the information must be true. That means everyone in India will be able to play the game exactly one week after the pre-registration has ended.

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PUBG Lite will come to India on 11 July

The pre-registration will end in a week and currently passed the milestone of 100k participants. That means all the participants will get additional items when the event end. There is still another milestone of 200k registrations to reach so if you haven't joined the event yet then do it now and make sure to tell your friend about it too. Upon reaching 200k registrations, players will receive a PUBG scarf, a Striped Long-sleeved shirt, and a Sports Top.

In order to join the pre-registration, simply go to, click on the Participate Event button and login with your account or create a new account if you haven't had one yet.

If you can't wait to see the game, you check out the RakaZone Gaming Youtube channel to watch the stream and get the chance to win some items or using VPN to play the game until it is released.