The debut of Nations Cup

PUBG fans over the world finally get their first Nations Cup. The event will take place in South Korea from August 9-11. The tournament is officially named "The PUBG Nations Cup - Seoul 2019". Here we can expect the most skilled PUBG players battling it out to take the lion share of $500,000 prize pool.

16 national teams will battle for one shiny trophy.

According to statements about national team format, team members will be chosen through peer selection or a unique method of each country. PUBG Corporation also advised that just pure talent is not enough to win. Unification is what the tournament aims to build up. If players want to get the glory for their country, they need to obtain enough Chicken Dinners by working as a disciplined team.

You will get Chicken Dinners by winning a match in PUBG.

"Nations Cup, the first PUBG-hosted global esports event of the year, is the embodiment of international competition, which brings together the top players from around the world to represent their countries," said Jake Sin, director of central eSports at PUBG Corporation.

What is coming up?

He also added that this tournament will be the end of an astonishing vacation season for PUBG eSports with more interesting events are about to come. The competition will have 16 teams from five different regions - Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and Oceania. Below is the list of countries that will join the battle:

Pubg Nations Cup 02
PUBG Nations Cup participants list.

Phase 2 in PUBG eSports scene also closes with The Nations Cup, which will be underway from Agust 9-11. PUBG eSports Phase 3 will follow right after, with the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic in Stockholm between July 19 and 21, and MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic in Bangkok from July 26 to 28.

Pubg Global Champs V1 1600x585
PUBG Global Championship 2019 is the final event of the year.

These upcoming tournaments are giving out opportunities for PUBG squads to get more points for the qualification of the PUBG Global Championship. There, 32 best teams throughout the year will battle for the prize pool of $2,000,000. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the debut of The Nations Cup on August 9. The event will take place in Jangchung Arena in Seoul, with the live-streaming on Twitch platform.