Radio Message

The pinging system is probably one of the most beloved feature when it comes to communication in any sort of multiplayer games, not just Battle Royale alone. And PUBG is finally having its own version of the feature after today's 30th update to the game’s test servers. Called 'Radio Message’, it will promise quite a lot of fun and hilarity in the future.

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PUBG players now can communicate with each other much easier

Radio Message is essentially a communication wheel that gives players eight different choices (That align respectively to eight different messages) that they can send to other players.

Without having to speak up through the voice chat, players can now alert their team-mates of enemy’s positions, send for more ammo, or tell others where they are travelling next by pinging the direction. Care packages or loot caches can also be pinged to give everyone an idea of where they are.

Only Available In Test Servers, For Now

But don’t log into the game to try out the new features yet. Currently, it is only available on the PC test servers. But certainly, it will be added to live servers in the future.

As reported, to open the Radio Message’s wheel, you can either hold the middle mouse (Mouse wheel) or the F3 key. If you don't want someone to hear your communique or just want it to be private between you and another player, you have the option to mute all you don't want to listen in through the Team Management tab.

But that's not all of the new things rolled out in this update. The new update also promises a new vehicle, a new weapon (Desert Eagle hand-canon), better gas cans. There is also an animation update that allows players to grab on to ledges and leap over  fences, or even climbs up onto roofs.

Pubg Vaulting
PUBG players now can communicate with each other much easier

The full list of features that were included can be found on PUBG’s official website.