New Vehicle: BRDM-2

Game8 Uaz Boc Thep Bi Xoa Pubg Update 1
The new BRDM-2

This new beast will be the prize for anyone who is lucky enough to find the flare gun instead of the Armored UAZ. Apart from the ability to travel on both water and roads, the BRDM-2 also has some other features that make it a special prize.

BRDM-2 has 2500 HP, which is twice as much as UAZ, making it the second highest HP vehicle in PUBG just behind the minivan.

Huge New Patch Desert Eagle Gas Cans Blow Up Ledge
BRDM-2 can run on both water and roads

It also reduces damage from grenades, the Red Zone and shots along with bulletproof tires, which is a huge upgrade from the old Armored UAZ. So far, BRDM-2 the only way to survive if you get hit by the Red Zone. However, players can't shot while being inside the vehicle, just like the Armored UAZ.

BRDM-2 can reach a top speed of up to 22km/h on water and 102km/h on roads when boosted.

New Pistol: Deagle

The Deagle is also known as The Hand Canon because of its massive firepower. It can deal 62 damage per shot using .45 bullet, which is more damage than all the DMRs and ARs in the game. That means you can use this gun to kill an Lv3 Helmet player with just 2 shot in the head.

Pubg New Feature Deagle 0 15 Screenshot
The Deagle has a massive firepower

Of course, the higher firepower comes with a higher effective range and harder recoil control. You can attach a red-dot or holographic sights and a laser sight to it to improve accuracy. Also, The Deagle only has 7 rounds per magazine by default and 10 rounds with an extended magazine.

Pubg New Feature Deagle 0 23 Screenshot
The Deagle's attachment

Ledge Grab

Pubg Development Update June 2019 2 11 Screenshot
Players can move to places they weren't able to reach before

Ledge Grab is the most waited feature in this update. This new ability allows you to jump from one place to another without having to jump directly on top of your destination. The default button for this new ability will be the Spacebar key, the same key as vault and jump.

You can activate Ledge Grab by first jumping or vaulting then quickly press the Spacebar once again. You can climb up obstacles, fences, roofs up to 2.5 meter high using this method. Or you can jump from one place to another and press the Spacebar at the right time.

Pubg Development Update June 2019 2 9 Screenshot
Ledge Grab will create more strategies

Ledge Grab will allow players to move to places they weren't able to reach before, potentially adding new gameplay and strategies into the game.

I have tried this new ability several times in the Test Server. It was a little bit confusing at first, but I have finally got used to it. You need to jump really close to the edge and hold the spacebar at the right time or else you will fall down. It will take some practice before you can use it properly.

Since this is the first time Ledge Grab was implemented into the game, players cannot hang on the edge or slide down just yet. However, the PUBG team confirms that they will update the ability further in future patches.

Gas Can can explode now

There is no doubt that Gas Can is the most useless item in PUBG. Literally, no one wants to pick them up. Even in a situation where the vehicle runs out of fuel, people sometimes still don't remember about the item's existence.

Jerrycan Watermark 2
Gas Can is finally useful now

In this update, the developers decide to buff it with the ability to explode. Basically, if you shoot a Gas Can on the ground or damage it with throwables, it will explode and deal damage to characters close by.

This change might cause people to pick it up more often and create some hilarious moment using it as a trap. For example, you can place it next to the door or on the stair to blow it up when someone is trying to push your building.

You can drop Gas Can one by one easily

Also, Gas Can will be shown separately in Backpack so players can drop it one at a time easily.

Radio Message

Radio message is a text communication system that PUBG should have added to the game a long time ago. This feature has been existing in PUBG Mobile since forever and helped many players with the language problem, especially non-English speaking players, who are mostly from Asia and EU regions.

Radio 1
Text messages will make communication in the game easier

Using this new system, you will have an easier time informing your team about different situations. There are currently 8 preset messages and a ping function. The notification will be shown to your teammates on your left screen.

You can use ping to mark the location where you want to go or inform your teammate about the location of certain items, Care Packages or death crates.

Need Ammo message will be displayed base on the weapon you are holding. So, if you are holding an M416, the message will show “I NEED 5.56mm.”

The Enemy Spotted message is the most significant message of all since it allows you to mark the enemy's location on the map and tell you how far you are from the enemy. The message will vary base on the distance.

Huge New Patch Desert Eagle Gas Cans Blow Up Ledge
You can the information about how far the enemy is

Furthermore, when you successfully killed a player, the game will tell you the distance between you and them.

Image2019 6 17 13 53 8
You will know how far the enemy was after you killed them

However, this new update can potentially narrow the skill gap between players and make the game less interesting.

Finally, you will have an option to mute your teammate in case there are spammers in your team.

Purchasable skins and items

This is the right move from PUBG since most of the skins from random crates are just trash with many duplicates. Having more skins which can be bought by BP will encourage people to play more to earn nice skins. Initially, there will be 2 BattleStat Skins and 6 shoes can be bought by BP.

Weapon Mastery 

This update gives players an option to spectate their own weapon while in a match just like CS:GO. You can equip or unequip charm in-game just like skins now. Emblem also has their own animations.

Emblem animations