Taking a first look at CS:GO, 9 out of 10 would declare that it is no different than other first-person shooting games (or FPS). Of course, it is in fact a shooting game, but as you dig deeper, there is more to the game. Should you have the chance to try CS:GO, you will see that there are lots of map details, weapons, and strategies in the game. On the off chance that you are aiming to go pro at the game, you should acknowledge these issues.

Starting out as a beginner, it is hard for you to be perfect at once. Therefore, acquiring some knowledge of the game is definitely a crucial thing to do. So, let’s take a look at what beginners should know:


Csgo Newbie
Beginners should get to know a number of basic guns first before they go on to try advanced guns

Many guns are flashy in theory, and you can't resist the urge of taking those. However, since you are a freshman, you may find it hard to use them as not all guns are newbie-friendly. It is important that you consider carefully what to take before any matches. With not much experience, you may find that holding the s1mple's signature weapon sometimes does not make you a decent AWPer but a dead weight to your teammates.


CS:GO Beginner
Don't play on your own

Much as you want to play on your own as a new CS:GO player, you should also learn to play as a team. All things considered, your win depends hugely on your team, so try and learn how to play with them in a tactical way. Not having a good team might end up bad for you.


CS:GO Beginner
The community may fail you at times

I don’t know if you want it or not, but don’t prepare yourself a welcome party when you first get into this virtual world. Not every player is ill-mannered, but don’t count too much on the community. Just like many other games, lots of players are toxic and could not handle themselves.

This is exactly why you should prepare yourself to encounter these toxic players and remember not to take their words personally. Playing is having fun. Let’s just focus on your own experience and don’t let a stranger knock your spirit down.


CS:GO Beginner
You don't need to explore every map

Just like every other tactics game, if you want to succeed, get to know the maps. The number of maps to choose is large, with different levels of difficulties. Much as it is encouraged to learn the maps, you are not required to play every single one.

As aforementioned, the maps list is considerably long, and you don’t have time to play them all. It is time-consuming and unnecessary. Pick up some of your favorite ones and learn how to play them. After a few times, you will be ready.


CS:GO Beginner
Take your time to handle the game

It will definitely take you a while to learn the basics, but why the rush? As soon as you gain yourself knowledge, there are high chances that you would be more than ready to go pro. Remember to keep tips in your mind, and you will be a professional in no time.